Saturday, February 28, 2009

Ya Ask for "Milk" and Ya Get "Duck"

Let me start this post by telling you two things about myself:

1. I love Yvan very much!

2. I love a good movie!

I mean, I really love Yvan and I really love movies. I would prefer to watch movies with Yvan but he doesn't share the same passion for movies that I have. Don't get me wrong..he likes movies...but he does not LOVE movies. I have many movies that I watch over and over - like a good book they never grow old.

He could probably go for a long time without seeing a movie - I, on the other hand, could watch movies everyday and lately all day if he would just let me stay in bed - sheesh!

Before I met Yvan, I went to movies every week. Every single week! Sometimes twice a week and on top of that I rented movies too. I love all kinds of movies - dramas, comedy, foreign, action, independent and my favourite genre is kung-fu movies - I saw many midnight showings of Hong Kong action films with Jet Lit, Chow Yun Fat, and Jackie Chan (before he was famous in North America) etc. at our University movie theatre when it still existed.

When Yvan and I met and started dating, my movie going became almost non-existent. We went to a movie on our first date, but after that it was a bit of work getting him to the theatre..well it probably wasn't - he just isn't as big a buff as I am so ya know it seemed to me like an eternity between flicks.

Anyways, he is much more accommodating now to my movie madness, and this year in particular he has been very good about planning movie nights out! We did a pretty good job at seeing most of the movies nominated for an Oscar with the exception of "MILK". We both really wanted to see this movie, especially since we had seen an excellent documentary on Harvey Milk about a month ago.

Last night Yvan stopped by the movie store to rent a DVD - we rarely do that anymore what with Movie Central on demand etc and my love for seeing movies on the big screen. He proudly drops two DVD's on the ottoman and said "I rented us some movies." "Oh?" I said hesitantly because Yvan doesn't - how shall I say- have the best taste in movies...he tries, he truly does but usually they leave something to be desired! Although he did chose "Death at a Funeral" and it was HI-larius! British humour - you can't go wrong!

So, back to the movies Yvan rented last night. He plops the movies down and this is what he rented:

1. "How to Lose Friends and Alienate People" - might not be too bad - Simon Pegg is in it and "Shaun of the Dead" was also HI-larious!

2. "Duck" - I know I have seen the actor in some other movies but I can't remember his name - basically it is about a guy and his duck and how they get thru a life in L.A. together during hard times. Oh and the duck thinks this guy is its mother ;)

I had a good chuckle over this movie when I looked at the case - "What made you choose this one?" I asked. Yvan said "I wanted to rent "Milk" but it wasn't out yet and thought "Duck" might be good" and he added "It has 4 letters like Milk." he said in jest, "and it won some awards." Which is true - awards I haven't heard of but awards nonetheless! (They even have those leaf things around them that most awards have like the ones from Cannes or The Toronto Film Fest!)

Please don't think I am making fun of Yvan - I am not - he did this because he knows it has been a hard week for me - he knows I love movies - he tries really hard to pick movies he thinks I will like!

So, tonight I get "Duck" instead of "Milk" but heck, if I get to snuggle up on the couch next to the guy I love - well, it really doesn't get better than that!!


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BCMommy said...

Oh, Rana, that is too funny. Man, I wish you lived near me...I am the same about movies! I love them and wish I could watch them more often. Once we had kids, cheap night on a Tuesday went out the window and we now have to wait until most things are rentable! It's not too bad, but there was a time when I recall not having been to the theatre for a year!!! Hubby has to have his arm twisted to watch anything with a more cereabral plot, ( he really wants to see that Paul Blart: Mall Cop movie, while I want to see Benjamin Button) but once he relents, he likes them. I love a good comedy, but I'm not into the bad acting kind of comedies... I forced him to watch Crash and now it's one of his favourites! I hope Duck is good. I'll expect a full thumbs up, thumbs down review in your next post!

BCMommy said...

Ok, I spelled cerebral wrong...that's smart of me.....

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Rhonda and Kristin said...

Milk, duck. Tomato, tomada, it's all the same, right?!!!

andrea said...

We absolutely love movies too. Sadly where we live, Mall Cop (and the like) are the movies that come to our theatre and not movies like The Reader, or Milk. We saw what actually came before the Oscars and now we're anxiously waiting to be able to rent them. A

PS. I just read Claire's post and had a laugh at her mention of Mall Cop :-)

Darrell and Jess said...

hahaha!!! my latest favorite was slumdog millionare....soooo good!

The Warren Family said...

hahah...that is too funny! I love the part where he said it has 4 letters like milk...hahah

CinnamonOpus said...

Okay. That? Is too funny!

Danielle and Nick said...