Friday, February 27, 2009

My New Mantra

Clearly I haven't had much to say lately! I could whine and complain "poor us" but you don't want to hear that....unless you do...and then I will whine and complain.

Oh No! I won't!

It's Friday! Another week has passed with no news for us.

We have a very age specific request so we know that is why it is taking so long. If I haven't told you, we are requesting a child under 12 months either gender - which is a prominent request - which is why we wait.

My friend Heather suggested a very good mantra and I have decided I should use it:

This is not a joke,

this will happen,

this is real,

I will look back on this time as character building!

-repeat daily, hourly or every 5 minutes as needed. Right now I am leaning to every 5 minutes!

I remember when my blog used to be fun - heck, I remember when I used to be fun! Now, I am sad and mopey - I know this too shall pass! I know I have said I would gladly take this adversity and I do - but I still feel sad. I just want to be a mom! Really bad!

O.K. wait - Mantra time

This is not a joke,

this will happen,

this is real,

I will look back on this time as character building!

It wasn't even 5 minutes before I had to say it again.

Ommmmmmmm, Ommmmmm, Ommmmmmm

Right mantra and then 3 Om's! I can do this!


Natalie and Chris said...

I love the Mantra... and your blog is still fun, i love reading it, and without the sad days we wouldn't be getting stronger. Just imagine how much of a good parent we will all be with all this stupid character Hope you feel better soon.

Dianne said...

Building character really, really SUCKS! But your mantra is perfect and so, so true.

Being a mom is in your future!!

Chad, Laura and Sara said...

Love it Rana. I was just thinking the other day how optimistic and up-beat I was when I started blogging and how it slowly turned into a pitty party (at times). I want the good old days back when I truely believed that "it is just around the corner", because now when I say that I roll my eyes afterwards.

Keep believing Girl,

Shannon said...

Chanting with you.....

Ommmmmmmm, Ommmmmm, Ommmmmmm

There is nothing wrong with the character that you have. You don't need to build it more, you need a referral already!!!!

Yeeesh, this is so frustrating that you don't have one yet.

Ommmmmmmm, Ommmmmm, Ommmmmmm


Darrell and Jess said...

Your blog is still fun! I love the mantra though.... just think about what a patient mommy you will be!! :) But still... COME ON REFERRAL!!!

Rhonda and Kristin said...

That's a great MANTRA!!! And it's true!!

Your baby is near!

CinnamonOpus said...

Well, if it makes you feel good AND it helps pass the time until The Call comes, I say GO FOR IT! It's all true, it IS going to happen... so just chant and let the message sink on in!

Tova said...

I'm sorry we are staring at another week finished. But I think that you're mantra is good and will help sustain you. It will be soon. I have to believe that for you.
I have had a few mantras and they do help keep despair at bay. So mantra away!!

Holding you in my thoughts and having faith for you that your baby is close.

-C said...

Yes the mantra is good and probably even more helpful with a side of ice cream and a glass of wine.

Janice said...

Love your blog, love your attitude. Keep it up.

Julia said...

If you'd like chicken nugget tips feel free to let me know =)

Per Charlotte, I now have to master the smiley face pancake. Perhaps we could figure it out together??