Tuesday, February 23, 2010


We are back from 2 weeks of sun, sand and relaxing.

It was great to get away! We needed it!

Coming home was hard only because we are back to the reality of our situation.

It is hard not knowing and the uncertainty of will we have the family we have dreamed of for so long looming over our heads.

It makes my heart hurt!

Thursday, February 4, 2010

My Ticker Mocks Me!!

My little ticker mocks me as it tells me it has been over 6 months since we got our referral...

...but I just can't bare to take it down.

We thought we would be headed to Africa right about now or close to it...

...since we can't go there just yet (we will one day)...

...we have decided to take a 2 week vacay somewhere hot and tropical...

See you all soon!

Much love!

*Edit - I moved the ticker, thanks to Dianne, way down....so far down it is beneath a picture of Yvan and I with the animals I bet people didn't even know was there - scroll down to see and then keep scrolling it is waaaaaaaaaaaaay down