Wednesday, February 18, 2009


Right, I saw this on Shannon's blog and Bolt's blog and thought - I need stuff - I really do but what the heck does Google think I need.

This is what "Rana needs" top ten style (sorta):

1. to start saving her pennies - hey!

2. a little more polishing - ah ha ha - that explains the place card I accidentally set on fire at a gala an ex-boyfriend took me to - its true I did - Yvan is not said ex-boyfriend.

3. your support - oy do I ever!

4. to do some serious work - on what is the question maybe my polishing!

5. to be put in her own tank and said tank is supposed to be long and at least 20 gallons - oh my

6. bravery - and a heart please while you're at - oooh and some ruby red slippers too - pretty!

7. to keep up the good work - but me thinks this is after I start the serious work above

8. to be near a hospital - hey! Google do you know something I don't!

9. needs further explanation - yes, yes I do!

10. to keep this perfomance on - Nope, this Rana is tired and is going to bed - CIAO!

Want to find out what you need - Go to Google type in "Your First & needs" i.e "Rana needs"

P.S. Can you tell I am bored and don't have much to say lately!? But stay tuned - I have discovered a new ailment and it is blog related - I'll tell you all about it later!

Nighty, Night!


Anonymous said...

love #5 ...

CinnamonOpus said...


Okay, some of those are HILARIOUS. I'd be using them all the time. "HEY! Don't bug me! I need a little more polishing, ALRIGHT????"

Ramona said...

I joined in and did this one on my blog. Oh my, I need more help then I thought... and apparently medication and lots of support and counseling... Maybe I need the tank too?? I think I'd settle for a referral to give me boost!

Darrell and Jess said...

those are hilarious so I went and checked... hahahaha!! not pg posting if you know what I mean!
the first one that came up was "jessica needs to stop dressing like a slut" Ya.. not gonna be posting that!!