Monday, March 2, 2009

Playing for Change - Songs Around the World

You may have heard about this endeavour but if you haven't you can go here to find out more.

A fellow and his cohorts travelled all over the world with recording equipment, recording street musicians playing the same song, and then meshed it into one fantastic and inspiring tune. Just the feat of getting everyone to play it in the same key, in tune and in the same tempo is mind blowing. Very nice job. Music is, indeed, universal.

This is the first video they did:

and the new one is:


CinnamonOpus said...

OMG they got a little tiny bit of Vusi Mahlasela in that first one... we listen to him every day at our house! We LOVE Vusi!

lyndsey&kevin said...

thanks for the kind words!! it is nice to know others understand! I can't watch your videos yet (i'm at work) shhhhh

Kendra said...

That's pretty cool!

Danielle and Nick said...

I LOVE these videos! I posted the 'One Love' one on my blog on Valentines Day - just love it!