Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Open Letter To Winter

Dear Winter:

I was reading the newspaper today and the weather man indicated you are planning to stay around until sometime in April - perhaps I might even go so far as to say MID-April. It was written there, in black and white, for all to see.

I am asking you to PLEASE reconsider.

You should know that I very much like you, Winter.

Many a thing I admire in you:

-How you allow me to SEE my breath as I exhale - only in winter am I able to witness with my own eyes this life force inside me
-When the first frost forms lovingly on the grass, trees and remains of gardens
-The lightness of the first snowfall and how every year I am awestruck by the beauty of it.
-the hoar frost as it clings to the trees on a cold winter morning.
-the snow people young children make on our street
-the sound of your crunch beneath our feet as we walk
-the twinkle of house lights as darkness comes early
-the smell of hot cocoa as we snuggle on the couch

We prepared early for you this year. We ensured the yard was ready for your imminent arrival - we put away our summer things, and pulled out winter boots, coats, mittens and toques . Our cars we had readied with almighty snow tires. I promise! We aren't liars.

We did our due diligence Winter, you can't blame us.

We thought you might come for Thanksgiving in October, or maybe Remembrance Day in November. Right into December we waited with anticipation - peaking every morning thru the blinds to see if you had arrived.

Alas, we waited in vain...Fall hung on with every last bit of might and muscle it had. Right into the middle of December it held you at bay.

But, finally one day your tendrils of soft snowflakes arrived and we yelled "Hooray!"and "Who wants Christmas without any snow anyway!"

Soon after you arrived you let us know with a vengeance that you were here to stay...you hurled temperatures of -35 with wind chills of -45 and 50 our way!!!

We bundled up, plugged in our cars and cranked the thermostat all in effort to ease your cold ways. On in to January, February and March you have remained, not relenting one teensy, tiny bit. Quite often you are kind and offer a reprieve - this isn't Calgary after all, no Chinooks blow through here! Not this year, you had something diffent in store for us.

Now April approaches and we yearn for the bloom of lilies and crocuses!

Yet, still your grip is tight - we know you will miss us Winter, we will miss you too!! But it has been so long since we saw our old friends Spring and Summer and the time is near.

So, please reconsider the length of your stay....like a house guest with no departure date, we wish you would leave. We don't mean to be rude or push you out the door, but the time has come for you to just go!

Please don't be mad or leave in a huff, for you see it will only be 7 or so months, before we once again see your pretty white stuff!


The residents of Saskatchewan

*Edited to add - I am NO poet it and I know it :) Humour me people...I tried!


lyndsey&kevin said...

TOOO Cute Rana!!!

Julie said...

You are a poet! I love Canada, winter and all! Toque is poetic! Does it mean hat?! Just come to LA earlier. (Your room is nowhere near ready but we'll make do!)
Snow GO! Winter...LEAVE!!

BCMommy said...

That's awesome! You should really send it in to your local paper!!! I love it!

Carolyn said...

You are so funny- thanks for the laugh. I could not agree more- we are in bad need of Spring around here.


Anonymous said...

I hear ya!!!! I am done!!! I was doing fine until this week. It is just to late in the year to be this cold. Plus, I am dying for summer food...

Kendra said...

I love it! Totally understand your wanting spring though, it has been a long cold one out there I hear.

Signed: It's sweatshirt weather with no snow in Ontario!!!! Hehe

haze said...

HA HA HA!! Well put, Rana!

You are a kinder, gentler soul than me. My words to Old Man Winter would have been much less poetic. And probably R-rated.

p.s. I DO love the hoar frost though....and not just because I get to say hoar.

Darrell and Jess said...

I'm still laughing... at your post and everyones comments!! :) I agree you should send it in to the star phoenix... or maybe cbc hahah!
I don't think my letter would have been as friendly either - I am soooo done with that wind!!! arghhh

CinnamonOpus said...

Well that was cute! Ans although we have no snow and above-zero temps (barely) here in Southern Ontario, I am pretty tired of the cold my own self. I am cheering for spring too!

Tracey said...

Love it!

Eileen said...

That was wonderful. May I suggest you write an open letter to spring and invite it to come visit. I sure miss its warm sun, budding leaves and greening grasses. Winter is like a bad house guest overstaying its welcome. Maybe if you asked Spring to visit, Winter would have to move along.

Ramona said...

Let's just move to summer already! This howling wind blowing new snow drifts and the ice layer below has no right to be here now. The only thing that could melt my feelings to Winter right now is a referral!

Sharla said...

You are an exceptionally talented writer Rana! No joke! This is not the first time I've read something of yours and thought "this girl ought to be published" - maybe a way for you to work from home once your babe arrives home?!

andrea said...

You totally need to submit that to your local paper! A

Rana and Yvan said...

Thanks everyone for you kind words about my writing :) I don't fancy myself a writer - although I always read books and think - Man, I would love to be able to tell a story like that.

Maybe one day - I will write a book about our adoption.

Janice said...

Well done Rana! I loved it.

I read your "And Breathe" post too. I don't think it's worth wasting time trying to defend your choices. It's just not necessary. Focus on all the families who have had wonderfully positive experiences.