Monday, March 16, 2009

Punta Cana, Dominican Republic 2009

Are we there yet?

It takes two baby...just me and you baby!

Yvan's meal made him happy! slime from "You can't do that on television" on my food does not make me happy!

Mmmmmmmmm...but pancakes me happy!

The Pool

The Beach

Watch out for that wave!!!!!

Should I stay or should I go?

View from our room on the last day!


Rhonda and Kristin said...


Looks like you had fun, ate interesting things?? and had a little relax!!!

Stephanie said...

Looks like a beautiful resort! Glad you had a nice relaxing time away. Missed you bloggin when you were gone!

Steph :-)

Anonymous said...

Looks great Rana!!! I missed your blog, but am glad you got away and hopefully thought about things other than adoption for a week.
Now, bring on that referral!

Julie said...

Ahhhhhhhh. Looks great!!!

Ramona said...

How could you come home??!!! Couldn't you have just left CAFAC your contact info and stayed?! Ahhhh...That looks like the perfect holiday!

haze said...

I take it the green slime wasn't pesto?


The pictures are a blast - I'm glad you had such a wonderful time :-)

Darrell and Jess said...

that looks perfect... sorry its still winter here! :)
Welcome back we missed you!

D Dae said...

Ahhhhh so beautiful!

Carolyn said...

What a good looking couple. Glad that you had a great trip!


CinnamonOpus said...


I have Teh Jealousy. :D

Shauna said...

good pics! looks like you guys had a great time!!

Shannon said...

Looks like you had a fantastic time. Sure hope that was the water proof camera you took to the beach!

Glad you're home.


Danielle and Nick said...

Awesome pics!! Looks like you guys had a fantastic (and much deserved) time in paradise! :-)

Sharla said...

Looks like paradise!

Kristen and Dave said...

Your pics look great Rana - you both look so relaxed - just what you needed!