Monday, May 26, 2008


Yvan and I ran in the Saskatchewan Marathon this past weekend. Last fall I coerced Yvan into taking a "Learn to Run 10K" clinic with Brainsport. Little did I know that Yvan would find a new passion - running!

After we did the clinic and ran our fun run in November, Yvan decided to train for a half marathon. I was going to join him on this adventure but my 10K run had not been what I had hoped for and so decided that I had better conquer the 10K before moving on to running twice the distance...that's right twice the distance.

Yvan took a clinic with Brainsport which started at the end of February and I followed my training clinic from the fall.

We both set goals for this race:

Yvan's goal - run the half marathon (21.1K) in under 2 hours

Rana's goal - run the entire 10K route without stopping not worrying about a time goal.


Yvan runs the half marathon in - 1 hour 58 minutes and 50 seconds

Rana runs the 10k - without stopping in 1 hour 3 minutes and 7 seconds

- please note that I had to pee from the time I started until I finished - I was not stopping to use the washroom- no way! no how!!!

I couldn't be prouder of the two of us!!!! It was so awesome to hear your name being announced as you came up to the finishing line and to cross it knowing you had accomplished your goal!!!!!!

This year was the 30th Anniversary of the Saskatchewan Marathon and 2100 people participated....the most ever!!!

The cheering from the crowd along the route was so inspiring and definitely made the run even more worthwhile!

I will post pictures once we have our official race finish photos!

We can't wait to do it again next year!!

Monday's Inspiration - Day 14

"Don't die with your music still inside of you." - Wayne Dyer

We're happy when we're listening to good music, for the essence of our True Nature IS good music...good

Why not tune your instrument - your body, your mind - on a daily basis with practices that align with your heart so that the song that is YOURS to belt out on this Earth uplifts the lives of those around you. We've all got a top-of-the-charts hit single inside waiting to be released!"


Shannon & Dan said...

Congrats!! That is great to hear that you both met your goals. All of your hard work has paid off.

Shannon (writing from the Peg)

sandi said...

You guys are insane...

Looking forward to seeing you at dinner rush!

I think I should call you soon.... i need another chat!

Anonymous said...

Congratulations Rana!!! That is awesome! Look forward to seeing you sometime soon.

lovesmukiwa said...

you rock. Thats totally cool, congratulations to both of you for reaching your goals. I had a goal to take a nap on Sunday and I did, so I know what it's like to achieve what you have set your mind to (lol)

Rhonda & Kristin said...

Wowsers! Good work you guys, I can't imagine how you must have smelled with your ever so wonderful smelling muscle creams and the combo of that hard earned sweat! Thanks for the chat last night, you always make me smile :)

CinnamonOpus said...

Wow, that is fantastic! Way to go you guys! That's a lot of dedication and effort -- I am so impressed!

Ricki said...

WooHoo! Way to go!
I think I would totally collapse after running for an hour!
Give yourself a big pat on the back and you deserve a little treat too...hmmm like a full day at the spa!

Dianne said...

Woohoo!! Way to go - you amaze me!

Ranavan said...

Thanks everyone!!!

I literally took this race one step at a time and it really didn't feel like an hour had passed by..well my mind didn't think it had been an body felt like it had been six hours :)

I have to say finishing that race I am even more inspired to run now...especially after seeing all the people in their 60's running half marathons and marathons.