Monday, May 19, 2008

Day 6 - Sunday's Inspiration

Sunday's Inspiration - Day 6

"The teachings of love and compassion form the foundation of all the world religions. And as Jewel says "In the end, only kindness matters."

On this note, regardless what our daily practices look they lead us to a more compassionate lifestyle?

And to quote Dona Hollman, Senior Iyengar Teacher, "One thing I have learned is that without love and compassion, any practice - yogic or otherwise - is a practice in vain isolation."

A suggestion for reflection...ask yourself "Have I cared for someone today?"


Anonymous said...

Hey Rana!! I am really enjoying your daily inspirations! I was also having a bad week a couple of weeks ago, and Sandi kicked me back to reality. The ups are soooo up and the downs soooo down. anyways, hope the inspirations are helping you. We have got to go for that walk!

Ranavan said...

Yes, lets go for that walk...after this weekend (10K run) I am free as a bird with no heavy training schedule!!!

The inspirations are working and the intentions I set are working!