Thursday, May 29, 2008

An Old Friend's Inspiration

I have had the good fortune of being reunited with an old high school friend over the last year. As many people do, we lost touch a couple of years after high school. We took different paths in life....he went to University, I started working full time. While we still lived in the same city, we hung out a different places....had different friend groups etc. etc. He got married...I stayed single...he moved away...I flew the friendly skies.

Years went by and I wondered what he was doing, where he was, if he and his lovely wife had started a family. Thanks to the wonderful technology of the Internet and a little thing called Facebook...we reconnected. It is so awesome having him back in my life and we have picked up our friendship where we left off.

He has recently been reading my blog and sent me an email about Mindfulness and something he uses to keep himself and others in the moment - I thought I would use it as today's inspiration (my yoga instructor's inspiration was good but targeted at meditation and didn't seem appropriate for my needs). My friend's inspiration, however, was perfectly timed, insightful and a provides a wonderful visualization of how to "see" mindfulness.

Thank you my friend - you are a pleasure to know!

Thursday's Inspiration - Day 16


Our life is like a fast flowing river and we are standing in this river...the future are the objects in the water flowing/coming toward us. Things that have passed by us, are the past. We have no power to control the objects that have passed by us and no power to influence the objects upstream flowing toward us. We can only control the things within reach right now. Once they pass, they are gone from our influence. Mindfulness is staying in the present and focusing on what we are doing now."

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Tanya said...

Today's inspiration is awesome.