Monday, May 12, 2008

A Laugh At My Expense

Saturday was a lazy, lazy, lazy day. I mean lazy! Yvan was sick with a cold all last week so he slept most of the day Saturday. I stayed in my p.j.'s watching movies etc. until about 3 p.m.

Yvan had been bugging me to make our favourite whole wheat chocolate chip cookies - don't scoff -they are delicious and you would never, ever know they were whole wheat.

Anyways, at about 3p.m. I decided to shower and go to the grocery store. So, after I showered and had dried my hair I declared it a "No Make-up Day" with the exception of a little under eye make-up - cover up the dark circles and bags ya know! No make-up day isn't hard because I only wear mascara and blush!

My sister-in-law called and asked if I wanted to go with a walk with her and her dogs and since Leroy was in need of a walk I figured why not.

So, off we went for a walk! After the walk, I figured I better get to the grocery store and get the goodies needed for the cookies.

I hopped into the car and off I went to the local Sobey's. I wandered around the store taking my time, smiling at people, etc. - I love grocery shopping! Now I am a regular at this Sobey's and while I am not on a first name basis with the cashiers - I recognize them and vice versa. There is one lady in particular that I often try to get in her line-up because she is friendly and efficient.

This day I was lucky - she was working and didn't have anyone at her till. So, we went thru our routine of chatting etc while the groceries were being rang thru. She asked my if I wanted to buy a reusable shopping bag - "why yes of course I do", I said. "What color would you like?" she asked in return...we had a lengthy discussion (time permitting of course) on the switch from plastic to reusable and plastic vs. reusable vs. paper. We discussed how much you could fit in the bag etc, etc. We had a face-to-face conversation - with only the counter between us. (You will understand the significance of this in a moment.)

When I got home with groceries, Yvan got up and was sitting on the other side of the island from me as I was unpacking the food stuff. Here is our conversation:

Yvan - "you didn't go out like that did you"

Me (offended) - "um, ya, why?"

Yvan (cheekily) - "no, seriously! you didn't go out like that right"

Me (a little peeved)- "of course I did - there is nothing wrong with how I look today"

Yvan (laughing) - "you went out with that stuff under your eyes like that?" " those make-up dots?"

Me (mortified) - "what make-up dots!!!???"

Yvan (roaring) - "the ones under your eyes, you know, two under each eye."

Me (groaning) - "ooooooh noooooo", "oh no, I did, I totally did!" "I went for a walk with Danielle and then went to Sobey's." "no wonder all those people where giving me funny smiles in the grocery store" "Why didn't someone say something or motion or something."

Yvan and I laughed and laughed. I mean I couldn't even be embarrassed about it. To be fair to Danielle, I had my sunglasses on while we were walking so she wouldn't have seen it. But the cashier lady - I mean come on - she could have said something - we have a relationship ya know - a common love of groceries - not to mention that you should always look out for a sister friend!

So, in order for all to have a laugh at my expense!! Here are a couple of re-enactment snaps of me with the dreaded under eye make-up!

I am seriously losing my mind, this adoption has me losing my mind!!!
Happy Monday :)


Rhonda Turgeon said...

I don't know if that cashier lady is really your sounds like you haven't completely bonded, LOL! I totally would have told you about your spots! And you'll have to put your cookie recipe up, it sounds tasty!

haze said...

OMG. This? Is totally hilarious!

Actually, it sounds to me like you are practicing your motherly behaviour as this looks like something a sleep-deprived new mom would do.

Love it!

The Warren Family said...

That is a funny sounds like something I would do (hehe).

PS. I also like the theme for the baby's room. (-:


sandi said...

Oh my word... that is exactly what I needed today, I totally laughed out loud... oh my...
next thing you know you'll be forgetting you invited people over for supper!!!

Anonymous said...

Okay that was friggin' hilarious!!!! I seriously laughed out loud and can't wait for Salaash to finish putting the kids to bed so I can show him!!
Mom brain is something else!

shauna said...

That is so funny! Honestly, I am crying (but my two new sons are also leaving me sleep deprived so I get hysterical a lot)!

Ricki said...

Rana, that is absolutely hilarious!! And in all fairness of the cashier she could have thought you already knew about the maybe they were there for some sort of skin treatment thingy, lol!
I am gald you included the reenactment photos...made the story that much more funny!

Rana and Yvan said...

I know the thought crossed my mind that people might have thought it was some sort of skin treament..but seriously...really!

When I was younger I would have been sooooo mortified but so much! When I am old and grey I will have no shame at all :)


CinnamonOpus said...

Oh. My. DOG.


I swear, I belly laughed OUT LOUD and startled my cat.

Ramona said...

Thanks for posting this- too funny! I'm kinda wondering if you really want that cashier to be your friend... But thanks so much for sharing the story and even pictures!! Just blame it on your paper pregnancy- I'm convinced our hormones are making us do the same odd things as "other-ways preggo" women do!

lovesmukiwa said...

Maybe you have started a new make-up trend and the cashier thought it was cool. Who knows, next tiem you see her she may have the "under eye dot" look!

Rachella said...

i love that you added the reenactment pictures!!

you are the cheesiest!

Lisa, Pierre, Marika,Karelle & ??? said...

That is a VERY cute story and something I would do so could totally relate !!!

Thanks for sharing the re-enactement pictures too !


Medbh said...

Ha ha ha! Rana, you are already behaving like a new mum! I LOVE it! Congratulations, BTW... I was pleased to read your fantastic news on FB.