Friday, May 16, 2008

Happy May Long Weekend!!!!


If you are driving to the lake, another city or another province please drive safely :)

Lots of love Ranavan

Friday's Inspiration

"Inspired by the teachings of Shakti Gawain, today's words remind us one true fact that we can always count on is that we - and that which we perceive around and within us - is in a constant state of change.

Whenever I "feel" stuck in a certain mindset, emotion or relationship,even....the mantra "This too shall pass" wakes me back up...encouraging me take hold of the reigns and steer my life in the direction I choose. Our thoughts and intentions are more powerful than we often give them credit. Once we're "on to ourselves" and our patterned way of behaving or thinking, we can ease of the gas pedal and really start "driving our cars"....then the ride of Life gets really fun, hopeful and interesting!! Whhheeeeee!!

I am
and changing.

I invite you to repeat these words today, when you have moments of quietness. We often discover ways in which we have holding ourselves back, allowing our fears and negative concepts to block ourselves from achieving satisfaction and fulfillment in life. The process of change may occur on a level through mer positive thinking. It also involves exploring, discovering, and changing our deepest, most basic attitudes toward life.

-Shakti Gawain

You've set a clear intention, most likely with your heart vs. your - relax and enjoy the ride!"

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