Friday, May 9, 2008

Giraffe's and Girls Night Out

This week seemed to take forever!!

Honestly, the time has been flying by as of late, but this week seemed like it was never going to end.

When we were in Whistler, one of the sponsors of breakfast on the Sunday left these on everyone's chair. When the door to the room was opened for us to go in I almost lost my mind. "GIRAFFES " I squeaked - Yvan went beet red - "IT MUST BE KARMA OR A SIGN" I screeched - ya know, Giraffe's - Africa - adoption - anyways!!! Since not a lot of people went to the breakfast there were quite a few left over. Like the mad woman that I am, I scooped up as many as my little arms could carry and beat it outta there like a thief in the night. The looks I got as I ran to the elevators to take my loot to our hotel room was priceless...I actually think I might have set off a stampede because Yvan said the ladies started like pouncing like lions after I left for the rest of unclaimed prizes. Hee Hee - wished I had stuck around long enough to see it but I wasn't risking it! :)

So, Yvan and I decided we had found the theme to our baby's room - eeeeeee! Then on Saturday we came home to find our very close friends, Chad and Lori, sitting on our front step with this!

I think she is looking for her babies from Whistler!

She was adamant about getting in and once in she wasn't going to let us in no way! no how!

Chad even asked nicely!

She finally relented and even posed for a few pictures with us!

Yup - I definitely think we have a giraffe theme going!

Last night was girl's night out!

There is nothing like getting together with the girls to talk adoption....I am sure all the people around us were amazed at our little group...we talked a lot...sometimes one at a time...sometimes all at once and sometimes in groups of 2 or 3. It is so great to spend time with others who like to talk the talk and as Sandi says "don't get the glazed over eyes". Did I mention the me tell you - there was apple crisp, New York style cheese cake, mint cheesecake, turtle cheesecake, chocolate carrot cake (thanks for sharing Cheryl), peanut butter pie and chocolate cake - Sandi's infamous dessert was about half the size of really should have been a more generous slice Sandi!! ;)

As always, I was wound up after our night out - thoughts of travel to Ethiopia, what to pack, hotels to stay in, and which sights to see whirred thru my mind. Not to mention that I was extremely itchy after I got home from all the talk about lice, scabies, Giardia and Tinea Capitis but I learned A LOT! Thanks ladies - next night out is in June right?

So, guess what I did when I got home ? - curled up on the couch to watch T.V.that's what. And guess what was on? You've Got Mail with Meg Ryan - bang!!! out like a light!


sandi said...

I have words for the flippin cake...

Anyway, over, like I said :)

Had fun last night, love hanging out with those that GET it.

Yes, June... what to do this time????? ideas??

Oh ya, and hairspray... yes... let's do it!

Rhonda & Kristin said...

That giraffe is awesome!!! I love it! Okay, and you have to have girls night on a non weekday night so I can come too!!!

Rana and Yvan said...

sandi- no jokes about goin to hairspray - 'cause we should get tickets right away - i will call you

rhonda - for sure next girl's night in june will be on weekend night so you can come too...promise :)

CinnamonOpus said...

Oh I love me some giraffes!!

If you can get those online, let me know!

Sharla said...

Those giraffes are adorable!!! As for your girls night out, I am starting to wish that I lived in Saskatchewan!!!

haze said...


er, sorry. I was distracted.

The giraffes are the cutest things! I thought the little ones with their sweet, dopey eyes were the best and then I saw the big one with her long lashes (love her peeking out the door). What a great nursery theme.

You better not tell CinnamonOpus where you live - she has a giraffe fetish, if I remember correctly.

CinnamonOpus said...

DUDE. That was TOTALLY a rumour started, unfairly I might add, by...

Oh, what the heck. It's TOTALLY TRUE.

(although perhaps "fetish" is too strong a word... also? gives the wrong impression of my Giraffe Love, which is Pure and Chaste and From Afar.)

Rana and Yvan said...

Cinn - I am trying to ease your i a mean pure, chaste, love of giraffe's. I am going to find out if you can order them on-line :)

chocolate carrot cake...yummm...i only just realized that i remembered exactly what everyone had for dessert last night...either i have a keen eye for details or i loves me some dessert...

I have to say that Saskatchewan is the new hot spot in least they keep telling us that.

Ricki said...

Oh my goodness Rana, the giraffe pics are hilarious!!
I love giraffes just not as much as Cinn does!

Tanya said...

HAHA I love those giraffes!!

I am jelaous as well about not living in Saskatchewan...wait did I just say that? ha ha just kidding! Your girls night out looks like a great time!