Friday, October 29, 2010

Confession Friday

1. I confess I am not looking forward to Halloween this year. I love much fun getting all spooky around the house and handing out candy to all the wee ones "trick or treating" at the door...this year....I might just lock the door, turn off the lights and eat all the halloween candy myself while lying in bed watching House Hunters or House Hunters International if I am feeling particularily low!

2. I confess my cat Suki is driving me CRAZEEE in the head. She is 13 years old and requires insulins shots twice a day. One day we ran out of needles and didn't get any for a couple of days...she seemed to do o.k. so she has been off the junk for 3 weeks now. Why is she driving me crazeee in the head? She is like a whole new cat...she jumps on us, she licks our head while we are sleeping, she gets on the counter in the kitchen and knocks stuff off to get our attention - all things she did when she was kitten...if she was sick still she would be laying in the tub trying to drink the bath water while I'm in it.

3.I confess I promised myself to blog more and tried to blog everyday this week. I did it!

4.I confess that while I love my husband very much I have developed a crush on Ed Helms, Andy from the Office. He is so goofy and silly - it's endearing!

5. I confess I am NOT ready for winter mainly because we didn't have summer!

6.I confess I do not understand how there can be so many "SAW" movies...I'm pretty sure one was enough but 7 of them!!!! And now in 3D!!!!

7. I confess I am terrified to touch my I mean the actual eyeball...if I get something in my eye like an eyelash there is no way I am going in after it....just the thought of it makes my stomach turn...I had lasik eye surgery 5 years's a good thing they give you ativan for that or I wouldn't have made it through it.

8. I confess to have stopped packing for Ethiopia - I was all gung-ho and was getting the bags all ready and now have stopped....the fear of it all is just too much.

9. I confess all Ithink about these days from the moment I get up to the moment I go to bed is our son.

10. I confess this whole Randy Quaid debacle has me losing my mind...funny how someone with warrants out for his arrest can come to Canada and ask for Refugee status based on the fact some "Hollywood Star Whackers" are out to get him...hmmmmmm seeking Refugee Status from the United that is a new one...and of course...Canadian Immigration is thinking about it...Hello!!!!!!!!??????????????????????????


CinnamonOpus said...

I hear you about the eyeball stuff... eyeball stuff just squicks me right out!

And as for Halloween -- I have to admit there were a number of years pre-Stinkerbelle that we shut off the lights and hid upstairs and watched TV with a big bowl of mini-chocolate bars. Sometimes, you just HAVE to. It's totally okay.

Dianne said...

I confess that my halloween plans this year are pretty much the same as yours - although I might watch the Food Network instead.

And Andy from The Office? That made me giggle. :)

Do what you have to, to survive the hard times!

Anonymous said...

I NEVER look forward to Halloween. Too much noise, spook and sugar. Ick.

#2 made me laugh out loud.

And #10? Well that makes me feel ashamed and disgusted with CIC and I think thoughts that make me pretty sure would get me in big trouble if I voiced them out loud.

Carolyn said...

I never did like Halloween- even before we started to try to have a family. I am scared of masks- I hate not knowing who people are! A true sign I am a total control freak.

You can have Andy if I can have Jim! I love him!

Hang in there- I know just how you are feeling- this journey will end but it has taken way too long.



Kari --- said...

#10 disgusts me, too....

And, just had to tell you... I had a random dream that I was at a New Year's Party, and you were there with Ade... (and Yvan, and once of your cats, go figure!). Hopefully my dream becomes a reality (as they often do), and Ade will be in your arms SOON!

Karen said...

I love your Confession Fridays, even if some of the confessions make me sad for you.

But, yes, Andy. Yes. How'd he become so likeable?

Anonymous said...

Go Suki.


Ramona said...

#7 is so me! And my friend is my optomotrist and that doens't even help.... I freak out at the thought of eye surgery- My mom has eye pressure issues that my optom said I'll likely have too... There is NO way I could ever wear contacts. And even eye drops are almost impossible...not to mention getting anything out of my eye... Just thinking about this makes me anxious...

Jess & Darrell said...

Andy is pretty great.... Especially in his vampire costume for halloween!