Monday, October 25, 2010

Working From Home

I started working from home in July.

I really liked it at first but I think it might have had to do with it being summer.

Don't get me wrong, I still enjoy not having to get up and get myself to an office at a specific time.

Now I can roll out of bed at 8:15 in the a.m. go downstairs, make a tea, grab a bite to eat and head down to my office in the basement by 8:25.

I like that a lot!

Many times I'm still in my pajamas - hee!

Fall has set in and it is darker in the morning and gloomier in the day what with clouds rolling in leaking precipitation which will eventually lead to snow and I find myself feeling lonely.

I'm a social person...I like to have people to talk to and now I find I talk to myself a lot, and the cats and dogs too.

We set up a really nice office for me in the basement. It is cheery and bright and I have surrounded myself with my books (which I love) but there are times I just like to be upstairs where I can peer out the window of our dining room and see the world going by.

For instance, I just saw our retired neighbours come home from the grocery store!

So, today, it is particularly gloomy out as it can be the last week of October with Halloween looming and so I sit at the kitchen table gazing out the window trying to focus on work.


Carolyn said...

Not sure if I could do it or not! I think I would eat all day and be drawn to the TV too many times. Give yourself a break now and then and let yourself look out the windows!


wholetthishappen said...

Sit for five minutes, with a cup of tea, looking out the window for me. I like working from home. Love it actually, and when I had my day job had lots of at home work time. It's spoiled me and I would never want to go back. My office is way cozier than any workplace. And every day can be pj day.

Thinking about you, sending you lots of good calm vibes. And lots of hurry up and get off your ass thoughts to some official person somewhere.



hazel said...

Yes, a change of scenery is a great idea.

Are you planning on working from home when Ade is home?

I worked from home for over 3 years. The flexibility is fantastic - as are the PJs days! And I LOVE it in the winter cuz I don't have to drive in bad weather. Other than that it can drive me batty sometimes. I'm going to be heading back into an outside office environment soon. I'm excited and dreading it all at the same time.

Karen said...

My husband also works from home, and his office is in the basement. In the summer, he complains because he misses all the beautiful sunshine. And in the winter, he complains because, well, winter's depressing. But he knows he wouldn't trade it for a "real" office job any day. When we talk about moving into a new house some day, the biggest requirement for my husband is that it have an upstairs office.

CinnamonOpus said...

I love working from home. I like my own routines, being able to dress comfy, and doing things according to my schedule. All I need is to get a proper home office set up (once That Baby is off to preschool/school) and I'll be golden. And the commute? Forget it. I hope to never go into an office full time again.

Mind you, as you well know, I'm an antisocial bastard, so it suits me not to have to talk to other people. And it probably suits other people, too.

Nicole Bellefleur said...

I work from home - these are my two self-imposed golden rules:

1. Get dressed. As long as I'm in my jammies, I'm not in work mode.

2. Go for a walk, first thing every morning. This is my favourite part of the day - I walk to Tim Hortons for my coffee, then along the waterfront, and home through our little downtown. I meet people all along the way, so I feel like I've had some socializing in my day, and I'm wide awake by the time I get home.

Working from home took some getting used to, but overall, I like it alot!

Brendan and Mary said...

I would love to work from home, but like Carolyn, I seriously eat all day when I'm here. This has increased exponentially having little ones begging for food all day and a very good excuse to join them. Really hoping you won't be looking out that window much longer...

Let me know if you ever need a socialization/coffee break.

boltupright said...

I was going to say the same as Carolyn... the proximity of the fridge would be hazardous. But the pajama aspect rocks. :)

K_I_T_ said...

well I for sure COULD NOT work from home. I'd lose every peice of paper,it would have drawings on the back from Jayden, and I'd sleep all day. So I think you are doing good. Oh and I'd be in my pj's all day too!!!