Saturday, June 5, 2010

What Took So Long To Say We Passed?

What took me so long to post that we had passed...well let me tell you.

Our court date was actually on Monday, May 31. Originally we had been told it was Sunday, May 30 but we knew court wasn't open on Sundays and when we asked about this they told us our actual date would be the Monday.

Monday came and we were anxious!!

Ummmmm...I was actually crawling the walls...I think Carolyn and I set a record pace for the number of emails we have sent each other in a given day in the first 2 hours of the morning.

Finally, about 10:30a.m. I called Yvan and asked him to call and find out if there was news on court.

He phoned me back and said he was told "you had court today and everything was really good but they have set another date for tomorrow because the consent from MOWA was not in."

O.k. we knew this could happen and both of us were o.k. with it. We were reassured this was very good news.

Later in the afternoon I decided, because as a woman it's my right, that I needed to talk to our agency myself...ask some more indepth questions (ha, not sure what they would have been it was just an excuse to call them)

Call them I did and they said "oh after we talked to Yvan we talked to R and she said the consent from MOWA is there it just came in after your court appearance so that is why they re-booked you for tomorrow. We will call you tomorrow once we have the actual confirm that the judge has officially passed our case"

OK - this is good I thought. And you would say I would relax a bit and you would be right.

Then Tuesday morning came and we thought "right, we should hear by 10:30a.m. Well, that time came and I made Yvan phone again (I was too scared in case it was bad news).

No luck - they hadn't heard anything. So, I emailed and said "is there anyway you can call them or text or email" and they said "we already tried but can't get a hold of them"

By 3:30 I was distraught - what if they changed their minds and decided we weren't going to be good parents, what if the judge got really sick and couldn't come to court...what if, what if what if!

Wednesday morning I was so sad.....I didn't sleep very well...I got up and was making myself breakfast thinking "let it go, you have to just let it go...what will be will be" This has been my new mantra for the last - oh - 5 1/2 months...

And then at 7:55a.m. .....THE PHONE RANG!

I looked at it and it had our agency's name on it and I just about passed out!

So, I said 'hello' all shaky and nervous like....and they said right away "CONGRATULATIONS MOM, YOU PASSED COURT! YOU AND YVAN ARE OFFICIALLY PARENTS"

I must have been squawking pretty loud because Yvan came downstairs and I said "YOU'RE A DAD" and he started crying which in turn got me crying (because until then I was in a state of shock) and I think we almost got our Agency's rep crying too.

After that it was a whirlwind of phone calls to Moms and dads, and siblings and Aunties...and oh boy did the Mommas cry :)

This day was pretty much the best day of our lives.

I want to say THANK YOU to all you who emailed me leading up to court and just before we shared our news.

I had wanted to post what was happening as it was happening but I was so scared of jinxing anything....I was honestly emotionally paralysed and just couldn't answer an email or make a post until we knew 100% what was going on.

And you waited.

The adoption community is like nothing else in the world. Full of love and support!

So, many of you were thinking of us and sending prayers and positive thoughts. Some of you were worried we hadn't passed and were reaching out to let us know you were there for us!


I couldn't have made it through this without all of you - even though I haven't been blogging much and had taken a step back from reading other blogs were still there for us!

Amazing! Thank you, thank you, thank you!


CinnamonOpus said...

I am just so very, very glad it happened -- no matter how or when or why, just that it happened! (although of course, I always love your stories about the hows and whys and wherefores!)

Now, if you will excuse me, I have a parcel to prepare. It has been waiting all this time for good news!

Julie said...

I am bluberring at the gym! So, so, so happy for you guys !!!!

Kendra said...

Geez, can nothing just be easy for you two!

So happy it all worked out and cannot wait for pictures of you all together.

Alright immigration - time to step on it and get this little boy home!

D Dae said...

Ok now you got me crying! LOL

Karen said...

This post makes me smile out loud! :)


emily and mike said...

I'm tearing up reading this! I'm SO happy for you guys. I can't imagine how difficult it must've been waiting to hear the news after everything you guys had been through. What a relief! Looking forward to meeting you and Ade one day soon!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Janice said...

Aha! I knew you had said your court date was Monday May 31st. Wow, that was such a nail-biter of a couple days for you guys but I'm SOOOOOOOOO glad it turned out like it did in the end... He's yours, he's yours, he's yours!!!

I am just so relieved and happy for you both.


andrea said...

Usually its the referral stories that sound like this... if court success stories are going to start making me cry too, I am going to be a total mess :-)

Thanks for sharing and of course I was so glad to hear good news (I was, I confess, one of the people very worried about you guys with no news for a few days!). All that is good is worth the wait! A

hazel said...

It must have been torture. It was tortuous for us waiting for your update. From now on NO MORE ROADBLOCKS!!

Medbh said...

Yippee!!!!!!! I am so very, very happy for you, Mama Rana. Can't wait to hear more details. I have been hoping and crossing my fingers for you this last long while.

natasha said...

I am soooo glad it happened to Rana. Can't imagine the bundle of nerves you were! I think we all want this for you nearly as bad as you do!
love Natasha

June said...

I admit I was suffering from the "OH NOES" when there was silence... but whee thank goodness you got the call at last, and without cardiac arrest over those couple of days. Has it sunk in yet??

Anonymous said...

Oh girl, I'm so glad this is done with!! It's time to enjoy this great news and work on his room and just be happy :) It's time to be happy.

Heidi said...

So, so, so happy for you guys... no one is more deserving. Happy days are here!


lovesmukiwa said...

We are soo soo soo happy for you ALL!

Sharla said...

just so happy for you - had to say it again! CONGRATULATIONS MOMMY AND DADDY!!!

crackerslowe said...

OH, I am so happy for all 3 of you, I cried when I read you had passed.

I am so excited to introduce our sons to each other.It is so exciting to have the very first cousin!!

Do you know around what size Ade is now? feet wise?

Gail, Ashton and Kristin