Thursday, June 3, 2010

For Carolyn and Adam

Thank you!

You were our inspiration to keep on when things didn't look so good.

You supported us when we were going through our darkest days even though you were struggling more than we can ever know.

You hoped for us when you had little hope for yourselves at times.

You cared about us, even though we have never met in person, you cared!

Never have I seen such determination and dedication in all my life.

You knew in your hearts Leul was your son and you never gave up hope.

Even when you made the agonizing decision to wait for another referral you still thought of him.

You worried what would become of him and where he would live.

When you were told the option to adopt him was open didn't even hesitate.

Well, now we know what will become of him and where he will live!

He will become your son and he will come home to live with you.

He will be loved, nurtured and cared for by two of the most amazing people I have ever had the privilege of knowing.

We are humbled and honoured to be on this journey with you and we know we will meet you in person in Ethiopia!

Carolyn, I could not have made it through this without your daily emails and support. Yvan also thanks you for it ;)

We send the hugest Congratulations to you - sweet family of 3!!!


Sharla said...

Rana - this made me cry. You and Yvan, Carolyn and Adam all wanted to be parents so deeply and encountered such incredible obstacles along the way. I think perhaps never have two babies been loved and wanted as much as your sons have. Both of your families have gone through so much to get to this point and nothing would be more fitting than for you to travel together and have the opportunity to witness the true start of each other's families. I will be praying for both, that your visas come quickly and that you will be able to be in Ethiopia at the same time and celebrate together a new beginning. Congratulations to both of you! I am glad that you had each other's support through all of this.

D Dae said...

So happy both your family's dreams are finally coming true. You have fought so hard, and been through so much, I hope your travel comes quickly and you are able to start the celebrations with your children home very, very soon!

Anonymous said...

I needed this today! I love reading your blog. You r are such an inspiration and breathe of fresh air! I am so excited for you to get that little boy home so we can finally meet him!

hazel said...

This is beautiful. What amazing people we meet on this journey. I hope you are able to travel together (and get your travel date in record time too!)

Carolyn said...

Hey there- you made me cry!!! When I read this I got goose bumps. You are so kind for all that you have said. I have appreciated every e-mail and conversation that we have had over the past few years. I think we only survived because of the support of people like you. Adam and I consider ourselves lucky people to have "met" you and Yvan. i am so excited that our boys are together in Ethiopia and we HAVE to travel together to bring them home. Thanks for everything.



Shannon- said...

How sweet! sniff sniff

Dana said...

Congratulations to both of you. What an incredible journey you have had to bring your children home. I hope that your VISA wait is record breaking quick.

Gaunt Family said...

There is almost nothing better in the world than the friends we meet on our journey of adoption. :-) Since we know Nairobi is in a fairly good mood lately, I have high hopes for a speedy visa process!

Karen said...

You and Carolyn are both such strong women and now such strong moms. I don't know how you both survived the last year, but I'm glad you could lean on each other. I hope your families do travel together - can't wait to see the photos (if you're sharing) of you, Yvan, Carolyn and Adam with your sons!