Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Learning to Cook Ethiopian Style

Last night I got together with two beautiful ladies who are also adopting from Ethiopia to learn how to cook Ethiopian food.
We did an evening class so we only had time for 2 dishes and let me tell you it takes some time to make this delicious food but it is worth it.
We made:
1. Alcha
2. Doro Wat

S and me stirring the pots full of goodness while Saba watches
(so you all don't think I'm a giant who is 7' tall - I was standing on a bench)

S & S & me - ummmmm...it was really hot in the kitchen and it wasn't because we looked so smokin' in our hair nets either ;)

After our feast - we were so hungry and excited to eat what we made that we forgot to take a photo - ha!

Thanks gals!! That was fun - can't wait to do it again!!


turgeonexpansion said...

Fun! Will so have to join you on your next cooking adventure!

Janice said...

What a great idea... Love the hairnets.

Brendan and Mary said...

So fun and delicious!!!

BCMommy said...

-K, having not met you in person, I looked at that first photo before scrolling down and thought 'Wow, Rana is reeeeeeally tall!' LOL!!!!

Looks like a lot of fun!
Are you going to post your yummy recipes???

hazel said...

I like the hairnets. It's a good look for you.