Monday, June 14, 2010

A Nice Little Sunday

My nice little Sunday consisted of:

1. Baking 6 loaves of bread and a dozen buns
2. Going to the gym
3. Hosting a potluck birthday brunch for my bro-in-law JG (Happy Birthday Bro)
4. Going for a bike ride
5. Going for supper with friends
6. Greeting friends at the airport as they arrive home from Ethiopia with their daughter (photos to follow)

All done in that order.

Man, am I glad the weekend is over! I'm exhausted!


Jody said...

Sounds like a wonderful way to spend a Sunday. It'll only be better once your son is home!!

Chad, Laura and Sara said...

What a fine Sunday in deed! Let them all be this exciting and good this summer.


Ramona said...

This sounds like it was fun! Can't wait for photos from the airport. The only better way to spend your Sunday would be you coming home from Ethiopia with your boy!!

Tova said...

Nice Sunday! Sounds like your weekend was lovely and busy, just like mine.

So glad you found heaven. I was worried you wouldn't. I am having to ration myself now. I could easily eat way too many. I'm on a hunt to figure out how to make it myself. I can't afford to keep buying these for all of us. Although, it makes the best family outing in the evening. Walking to the store all together.