Wednesday, June 30, 2010

That Was A Whopper!!!

Last night we had a whopper of a storm....and pretty much it was centralized over our fair city.

In fact, there were severe thunderstorm warnings for most of the evening and for about an hour we were under a tornado warning as well.

Now the storm rolled thru other areas but when they showed the radar for the storm moving thru the province it all looked pretty good and then you saw the big, red square covering only our's about the only time I wished I lived in Regina :) (oh just kidding - I never wished I lived in Regina - Hee!)

They call it tornadic winds - I was making fun of the radio announcer for using that term "tornadic winds - is that even a word - I think not! Why would he just make up a word like that, what an ass!"

Then Yvan googled "Tornadic Winds" and lo and behold it is a real word:

Main Entry: tor·na·dic
Pronunciation: \tȯr-ˈnā-dik, -ˈna-\
Function: adjective
Date: 1884
: relating to, characteristic of, or constituting a tornado

Guess the only ass around here is me!

So, we did what anyone would do when there are tornadic winds in the area - we headed to the basement. What do you mean not everyone did that? In our house, if you are married to my husband, you go to the basement!

We had our sleeping blankets,candles, radio, cell phone, water and all 4 fur babies snuggled on the floor in our basement! HA!

After the warning was downgraded we went back upstairs and back to bed!

If you want to see what a torrential down pour looks like after oh 3 hours of storms you can go here.

All right - I am going to catch up on Z's at my desk and await the onslaught of revenge emails from friends in Regina!


V said...

Ok, whoa. Talk about like, no degrees of separation!

I 'know' Julie through Isagenix.. I'm friends with many of the people on her team who live here in Edmonton. Craziness!

I just saw the link to her blog and had to comment. The world definitely is a small one!

CinnamonOpus said...

So, what you're saying is... you got some rain, then?


hazel said...

Egads! Glad you're okay - and no flooding? YIPEE!!

p.s. it's nice to have someone to tell you to head to the basement. You and Ade will be safe hands.

RJ said...

Hi Rana,
Crazy weather hey!

If you and Yvan are looking for something to do this weekend, Danika plays Provincial ball here in the city. Game times are: Friday - 10am @ Bob Van Impe Stadium, 2pm @ Glenn Reeves #3; Saturday - 10am @ Glenn Reeves #5, 2pm @ Glenn Reeves #3; Sunday TBD depending on placement in pool rounds.