Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Calling, Emailing and Filling out Paperwork

The last 3 weeks have been accompanied by a sense of relief....relief because after months and months of waiting we finally passed court.

But the wait isn't over yet. On no, not by a long shot.

In fact, this wait, the one we are in now, the visa is gearing up to be the hardest wait yet I do believe.

Because there isn't anything I can do. Since we got our referral there has been paperwork and emails, and then more paperwork followed by more emails with some phone calls thrown in for good measure and more paperwork and...well you get the picture.

Now, I actually have to sit by and just wait without doing something.

Don't get me wrong.

There are things to be done.

But the things needing to be done aren't things that pertain to me calling, emailing, filling out paperwork and repeating for months on end.

That is all done for now.

Now I just sit and wait for someone to call me and say "You can go get your son".

At that point I will be able to start calling, emailing, and filling out paperwork again for flights, and hotels etc....

...but for now I can only wait.

Oh we are getting his room ready, the house ready, the yard ready...and that is all fine stuff to be doing.

However, since July of last year I have been calling and emailing and filling out paperwork and it made me feel like I was doing my part for my child who is half way around the world being cared by others.

As stressful as it was, it made me feel like I was a part of the process.

I could do some more calling and emailing I suppose to say "Have you heard anything yet?"

But honestly, I think those people need at least 3 1/2 weeks free of me calling and emailing and insisting I send paperwork!

Now, well now I feel like my hands are truly tied....and here I sit, at my computer, searching the blogs, message boards and the Internets for something to make me feel useful.

So if anyone needs someone to do some calling or emailing or filling out paperwork..well you know where to find me.


D Dae said...

Wanna come babysit my kids? Consider it training? They are driving me BATTY today. Or you could start on the paperwork to admit me to the asylum. That would work too. I hear they give you a cozy huggy coat and it is really quiet in those padded rooms. Betcha comfy too... I could sleep.... yeah start on that for me will ya?? :)

Ramona said...

You can road trip out to the CAFAC BBQ... now wait, that's too far off and I want you to have the go ahead by then!!
Or you could come help me fill out my citizenship forms for our kids?

Uggg I remember the wait you are now in. Every wait just gets harder and harder and yes, you feel more and more helpless...

I so want things to move along for you guys!

Tova said...

I second the motion. I have stacks of paperwork that I need someone to help me with. I've been lazy and not started citizenship till now.

Brendan and Mary said...

I've got some school work that needs to get done by next week!!! ughhh

I hope this next wait is smooth and fast! You guys definitely deserve it! Enjoy preparing your home for your beautiful son and we'll all cross our fingers that you'll be picking him up before it's even ready. :)

turgeonexpansion said...

You should come and visit us one of these days!! We can go for a nice quad ride and a weiner roast by the lake, lovely!! Let me know the dates :) And yep, you have to, I'm making you.

PS. You can chase a toddler around, get you seasoned for Ade!

Claudia said...

Oh the waiting, the waiting! Sending you a big hug. Sorry this is so hard. If it all gets too much, drop a big file of papers on the floor so that you have something to sort and alphabetise :)

Gaunt Family said...

How are you at potty training? It doesn't involve paperwork in any way, but maybe you need a break from that anyway?!

boltupright said...

hey, Tova's on to something. Offer to fill out everyone's citizenship paperwork for them. Heck, fill yours all out ahead of time too. And the name change forms, what about those? Fill 'em out. And the forms to sign him up for the tax credit and child care bonus. See... still plenty of paperwork. ;)

shauna said...

I can't help you out with the paper work Rana, but on Monday we have some good ETH cooking to do!!
I'm right there with you, wanting to get our baby home yesterday!!!!!!!!!!!


Chad, Laura and Sara said...

Hmm, let's see, too bad you weren't interested about 2 months ago - I was dreading having to do our homestudy update and it would have been pretty funny to see what you could have come up with for me on my paperwork, or maybe you could have even got my fingerprints and medical for me too :).

I had that exact same feeling after the banktupcty last summer - when we had nothing else to do but wait for news - but as difficult as this is, both our stories will end very happily.

Cheers, Laura

Carolyn said...

I TOTALLY get what you are saying! It is hard to know what to do right now. I agree that this part seems worse than ever. We just need to hurry up and travel!


The Warren Family said...

Hey Rana, I just started a new blog (password protected). I am going to add you as a reader. Please check out my first post, and if you get to a point where you can't stand the wait any longer here please pm me. I would be happy to have your company (-: Hang in there (sorry I wish there was something better I could say...the wait is so hard and you have been through soooo much!).

Rowan Family said...

Hey - I say, get some meals in teh freezer and pack almost everything you can - because when they give you that call to go - you won't be thinking stright at all!!!! lol

Glad you are in the hone stretch!!!


Janice said...

Hi Rana,

I know how you are feeling. I have to admit, I do feel an enormous sense of relief that we now have our referral and have passed court. I find that updated photos of Mimi have helped to make the wait easier so I sure hope you're getting some of those. I often do you get updates with CAFAC?

If a summer trip to Ottawa is in the cards then do let me know. : )