Tuesday, April 29, 2008


So, o.k. I've been tagged by Dianne, who is a "mom in waiting" like me. I think we are even very close in our wait times - partners in "waiting"! The tagging is actually good because I wanted to post something but didn't know what to say!

Oh, and feel free to judge me as I totally did this at work much to my husband's chagrin! I can't help it...sometimes I just don't feel like working - especially when the sun is shining outside.

I am: tired beyond belief this week...getting out of bed the last two mornings has been so hard. Yvan has been getting up before me...that is definitely weird!

I think: there is still so much for me to learn in life and I am excited for all the new things to come

I know: that I am loved but I sometimes doubt it.

I want: to go to Ethiopia and bring home our baby so we can start the rest of our lives together

I have: the best family and friends on the planet..seriously I do! They Rock!!!

I wish: that I was going to the Duran Duran concert with my friend Rachel in Vancouver tonight and then heading back stage with her to meet the band - ya - she's got back stage passes...sigh...send my love to Simon!!!! and Nick!!! and John!!! and Roger!!!! Oh how I do miss my youth from the '80's.

I hate: hypocrites - don't say one thing and then do another - mean what you say

I miss: My mom, Angela, Andrew, Lisa G., Jimmy G., Kathleen, Daegen, , Rachel, Julie and all the people who I no longer get to see because of geographic reasons who have helped me become the person I am today

I fear: growing old and not having a family to share it with

I feel: pretty good today - the sun is out and I have a clear mind - I think I am on the upper part of the roller coaster right now.

I hear: my husband talking from his office, a motorcycle outside, my phone ringing - darn it! Back to work I guess...

I smell: my stinky feet -first day no socks because it is warm out and I forgot that these little summer shoes aren't leather and give off an odour - eeeeewwww!

I crave: Thai food and Ethiopian food all the time...seriously I do!

I search: for peace in my heart and mind.

I wonder: if i will be able to run 10K in 4 weeks or if I am out of my mind????

I regret: not going to Europe or Australia or moving to Banff after high school to work or ski

I love: life, my family, my friends, my animals, laughing, crying, watching a good movie, reading a good book, spending time by myself

I ache: for the touch of our child, to see their face smiling up at us...to be a family of 3.

I care: what the people I love think of me

I always: eat a bran muffin and drink a glass of milk before I go to bed - ha ha ha! and tell my husband I love him before he goes anywhere!

I am not: too old to fulfill my dreams

I believe: if you live life to the fullest, love with your whole heart and laugh lots - you can't go wrong :)

I dance: in my living room, in my car, with my friends, in the kitchen, in the morning with Yvan when we are listening to the radio and getting ready for work

I sing: all the time - pretty much the same as when I dance - but I can't sing - I so can't sing but I do it anyways!

I cry: hmmmmm...a lot lately! I cry when I come home from visiting my mom, when I see a sad or a happy movie, when I think of going to Ethiopia, when I think of getting our referral, when I see a teeny, tiny newborn baby, when I hear someone is pregnant, when someone dies, when I read a good book...sometimes I cry because it just feels good!

I don't always: brush my teeth before I go to bed at night...sometimes I am just way to tired

I fight: for my loved ones - I am loyal and you better not attack (physically, verbally or emotionally) those I love!

I write: because I have to get all these things in my brain out...out I say! OUT! Aaaaah! That feels better!

I win: when I don't take myself too seriously

I lose: my mind when people leave cupboard doors open in the kitchen.

I never: say never - because eventually I might :)

I confuse: my husband because I am a woman and it is my right to change my mind

I listen: to jazz, rock, r & b, pop, dance, classical, alt. rock, punk rock, techno, blues but I draw the line at country music unless it is old school like Patsy, Johnny or Kenny!

I can usually be found: reading blogs, on the message boards, snuggled up on the couch with Leroy Brown or hangin' with Yvan

I am scared of: helicopters - even though I was a flight attendant for 4 years - I am very scared of helicopters - they are not right- not right I tell you- the whirring blades - the straight up and and down for landing - the weird having to duck to get on board!

I need: to know people are happy and not mad at me

I am happy about: the phone call I just got from Sandi -she invited me to go to Phantom with her tomorrow night....YEOW - I am so excited!!!!!


Shannon W - because I think we have a lot in common and if she lived closer we would be great friends and because i don't know her very well and I would like to know her better.
Tanya - because she is a single mom and I was raised by a single mom and they rock!!
Shannon L because I really like her a lot!


Tanya said...

Thanks for honoring me with the tag! Mine's up!

Dianne said...

Yay! Blogland thanks you! It was nice to get a little peak inside the mind of Rana :)

The Warren Family said...

Thanks for the nice comment! It's too bad we don't live closer together so we could meet up. I will try to do a post in the next day or two (-:

The Warren Family said...

Yippi....I am so excited that you are going to sponsor a child as well! It will be such an amazing opportunity to meet your sponsor child when you travel.
Yippi again!!


Ricki said...

Ughhh, totally sad that I missed your call....I just got home but it's after 10 so I will try calling you tomorrow....hopefully we will connect one of these times!!!!!

Angela G said...

Hey Dude, I miss you tooooooooo...
Now I really hope that Angela was me!!! LOL. Dont tell me if it wasnt. Love ya