Friday, April 18, 2008

My Ideal Weather

I truly believe I was born in the wrong country....I should have been born somewhere tropical...or my parents should have had the good sense to know that I should have been born somewhere hot and moved there. I should question my mother on this...but she will probably only give me the stink eye.

I love hot weather...I like to wear tank tops and shorts, and sundresses...I live for the days of flip flop weather. I love travelling to hot, foreign climates and it is always quite painful to come home because I know ultimately winter will or already has descended.

I dream of one day retiring to a beautiful beach with lots of palm trees, bountiful sand and all day happy hour specials on mai tai's or chi chi's...whatev...I'm not picky. The photo below represents my fantasy, my future!

However, my reality (for this weekend at least )is something more like the photo below as THE WEATHER MAN has predicted a blizzard for the area with something like 50 cm of snow....50cm!!! WTF!!! It is April - there is no snow in should only be birds chirping, leaves turning green and sunshine with high's of plus 25 and lows of plus 25...oh 10 and me wearing the above mentioned summer items...

I am not impressed Weather Man...not Impressed!

So, I think I won't believe it until I see it! And when I see it I will post it!


haze said...

I DO enjoy seeing 4 seasons here in Calgary, but when the coldest of those seasons is the longest one...not so much!

It's snowing again here too - after hitting +25 last week! I agree - WTF?? I've lived here over 30 years and I'm still disgusted by the weather every Spring.

Shannon & Dan said...

On a more positive note, if the blizzard does come and grounds my plane, I don't have to go fly to Winnipeg!!

I'm kind of hoping for the blizzard. ;-)

See you tomorrow.

Tanya said...

It is a full on Blizzard where I am as well!! I totally agree, WTF!!

Rana and Yvan said...

It is totally snowing like crazy here....Weather Man your on my list!!!

Barb said...

I hear ya! So far we are just "cool." You??

sandi said...

I'm going to be taking you up on that offer the next time Jason is working. I would love to have tea with you!

Thanks for the offer... we should plan another get together soon... a little Saba's or chocolate cake anyone??? OOOhhh chocolate cake at Alexanders.... yummmm