Tuesday, April 1, 2008

Yeaaaaaah Kijiji!!!

Thanks Kijiji and Friends!!!

The other day we were out looking at child trailer/jogging attachments so we can bike and run with our new kidlet. We were looking at the chariots but they were so expensive and it sort of scared us off.

We ran into some friends who were also out shopping for the same item and said that you can find all kinds of used kids stuff on Kijiji. However, they said the child trailers were hard to come by because they go so quickly. We got a phone call from said friend yesterday saying there was a MEC trailer for sale and told us to email right away! Which we did!

Yeaaaaaaahhhhh! We got the trailer, it is practically brand new and we got it for a fraction of the cost :) What is better than that? Nothing that is what...well...actually a referral is better than that! Hee Hee.

If you want to check out great items in your area on Kijiji go to www.kijiji.ca. You can sell stuff here too! The best part I believe is that you don't have to pay to sell your stuff like on Ebay.


Rhonda & Kristin said...

Sweet ride!

haze said...

Nice trailer!

Kijiji is great - I found a great home for my 2 cats through that site.

Shannon & Dan said...

I love kijiji, I just discovered it a few weeks ago and have been watching it every few days. I don't think we are ready to buy a lot yet, but if a good deal comes along, I may jump on it.

Ramona said...

I'm off to check this site out! Enjoy the trailer- our chariot is less then new looking as it's had many miles on it (and they work off road too!). My sister has an MEC one- I don't think they were making them at MEC yet when we bought ours.
Oh- and for when your little one is older, start searching for a trail-a-bike- they are wonderful for bigger kids who can't do long rides on their own yet.