Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Court Opens Soon

As in Monday, October 5!

We don't have a court date yet.....

I am really handling this wait in a completely different way from pre-referral wait.

I actually quit chewing my fingernails after we got Ade's referral.

But I have started again in the last couple of weeks.

I am definitely internalizing this wait...

You will know I am doing this if when you see me I am staring off into space and my lips are moving ever so slightly. Yvan tells me I do this when I am in deep thought....which I'm in a lot lately.

So, if we are talking and I zone out it is because I am wondering the following things simultaneously:

1. When we will get a court date?
2. Will we have to wait a long time to get one?
3. Will we hear about our date right away?
4. Will we pass on the first try?
5. I wonder if all the paper work is in order?
6. What is Ade doing right now?
7. Will we be good parents?
8. What color should we paint his room?
9. When will they tell us about about our court date?
10. What type of crib should we get?
11. Will I ever get over my fear of purchasing diapers?
12. Will Ade look at us and cry because he knows we have no clue about being parents?
13. When we will get a court date?
14. When we will get to travel to Ethiopia?
15. and it goes on, trust me it goes on, and on like this.

So, I have taken to chewing my fingernails again. I have also been getting cold sores...which I haven't gotten in a long, long time...these are usually stress induced and is a good indicator to me about how much I am stressing about court and didn't even know it.

Posting about our trip to New York has been a good keeps me from boring you with awful nail chewing and repeated pondering of "When will we get a court date?" Although I am sure some of you are bored of our New York photos but it is good therapy for me.

Well, I have to go and pretend to do something...but really all I will be doing is wondering:

1. When will we get a court date?
2. Will we have to wait a long time?
3. Will we hear about our date right away?
4...oh wait I already did this.....



Natalie and Chris said...

Hang in there you are on the last few legs of the race.

PS. I would love to see Ade, i think i'm finally ready.

Thanks again for understanding where I was emotionally with this whole thing...xo

Dianne said...

Yeah, that whole "just try to distract yourself" thing is such a load of hooie. COME ON COURT!

(ps - keep the NY pics coming!)

Ramona said...

Did I tell you my eye is twitching again???? I had almost 4 months months without it twitching after getting "the call" now come on courts dates- and successful court dates at that!!!

And, you already know the things going through my mind- the same as yours.... How much longer do we need to wait? When oh when will we finally hear?

I agree with Rhonda- there is no distraction, because everything we do just reminds us we're doing it because we're waiting...


Gaunt Family said...

Oh honey I am so there with you. Your list sounds familiar.

D Dae said...

Oh how I know that stress! I hope your court journey is a smooth and quick one!

And I LOVE NYC, so keep it coming!

Brendan and Mary said...

I can't imagine! I hope so badly that you don't have to obsessively wonder these things too much longer.

Wish there was something more I could say/do...


lyndsey&kevin said...

ah hem.... ARE you missing a cetain celebrity sighting????? Where are the photos????

I love your thoughts... really I do, but I also LOVE your pics... come on Rana!!! Stop teasing me!!


Carolyn said...

I am all to familiar with the stress induced sold sore- the story of my life!


hazel said...

More NYC pictures, please!! And please start on Ade's nursery so we can see those pictures, too.

Now - don't shoot the messenger, but I've read twice today that court will be opening a week later due to training or restructuring or summat. I have no idea if this is the gospel truth yet. I am still in denial.

Chad, Laura and Sara said...

Yay to October and to having some of your questions answered very soon.


Sarah said...

I also really want to see some celebrity pics! Oooooh maybe it was the cast of Sex and the City II ??? A girl can dream!

Tova said...

Oh I'm so sorry. I get hives when I stress really badly, so I feel your pain. Go to your local health food store and get something called Rescue Remedy. Cheesy sounding, but it works!!!! Just ask Keltie. :)

So, about that babysitting thing.....


Oh ya, keep the NYC pics coming, I will live vicariously through your exciting travel life. Today I feel old, haggard, tired, boring and grumpy. aka (tova has a teething baby who screams and screams and won't sleep)

Darrell and Jess said...

I found post referral sometimes similar to post referral and the nail biting comes & goes... however, my hope & prayer is that you won't have to wait post referral as long as I have!! So bite away - you can always grow them back when you are holding Ade and saying 'what was I so worried about'?!

Darrell and Jess said...

correction: "post referral similar to PRE referral..." apparently my brain is in stress mode....

andrea said...

Have I told you before how much I enjoy your spirit, your attitude and your style... thanks for the light moment in all this craziness. Here's hoping you get some info (and over your diaper-purchasing anxiety) soon :-) A

Anonymous said...

Take a big jump down that baby aisle soon girl! That court date is coming whether you're ready or not. And trust me those babies could care less if they have diapers, let alone a crib or what color the room is! It's merely adult entertainment, LOL!

Dianne said...


ps - I'll second Rescue Remedy. It helped curb many an anxiety attack for about 9 months of GROSS. I credit it for the fact that I got *any* work done at all while we waited to bring Hana home.

K_I_T_ said...

#7. Definatly, you guys will be good parents. 4sure..
#11. Lets go diaper shopping together. I love it. I am totally in to help you figure it out. If you are going cloth or something then Im not so good, but would be able to hook you up with someone who knows about it..
#12. I feel the same way, wondering if Nev will come to us right away, or play shy. But either way, you will do your best and he will bond and adjust soon.
#1&13. I know, when will we get a court date.
#4. I suppose this one is out of our hands, like so much of this, but I hope you guys pass first date.
#10. Pick a funky crib! Its fun and you can always sell it after you are done.
#14. I sure hope we travel together!!! AND SOON....

totally feel you on the questions, but now a few of them are answered so less to stress about...right?!!