Monday, September 28, 2009

World Trade Center and Lady Liberty

On Saturday we decided to head down to the Financial District and Lower Manhattan.

We strolled thru the streets making our way to the World Trade Center site.

You use to be able to go right up to the site but now they have started to rebuild.

You can go here to see what they are working on.

Standing at this site was thought provoking. Over the previous couple of days there had been a lot of footage played from the day the attacks happened. Much of which we had seen, a lot of it from the day of the attacks, and subsequently over the years.

But when you stand at the site and you look up and imagine those towers and surrounding buildings...what they must have been tall those towers really were...and you see the size of the WTC grounds....

....then you see the images in your mind of the horror that took place that day...the lives lost... you see the flowers, notes and cards left by families and friends who lost loved takes your breath away.

St. Paul's Chapel - across the street from the WTC

Statue of Liberty

View of Ellis Island

View of lower Manhattan from the Lady of Liberty

*EDIT* - I forgot to write about our Saturday night!!!

We went to see a Broadway musical - A real, live Broadway Musical!!! In the theatre crazy, insane, bright, crowded Times Square.

First we went for supper at the oldest Indian restaurant in New York City. It was on the second floor of a very narrow, slanted building. It was highly recommened to us and after we got used to the sensation of sitting on an angle -I kid you not the slant to the place was hilarious....we had one of the best Indian meals ever!!!

Then we ran over to the Al Hirschfield theatre (if you know us you know we are almost always late for everything!) to see HAIR the Musical!

It was amazing! The best Musical I have ever seen. The talent of the cast was amazing and it was so interactive...they kept coming out in to the audience singing and dancing and jumping on chairs.

Yvan even really liked it and he does not really dig the musicals. I did woo him with the idea that there would be a tad bit of nudity in the show which always helps :)

I think the people behind us who talked thru the entire first half didn't like the nudity - they didn't come back for the second half much to our relief.


lyndsey&kevin said...

yay keep them coming!!!!


D Dae said...

Love hearing about your trip, it is bringing back lots of memories for me!

Gabrielle said...

sounds like a fun time!

hazel said...

Love your new pictures and holiday notes. I would love to see Hair. The cast was on The View and they were great.

Heidi said...

Looks like you had a wonderful trip Rana... Only a few more days until court opens. I bet you can hardly stand it...