Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Chelsea, West Village and Greenwich Village

We spent Sunday in Chelsea, West Village and Greenwich Village.

These 3 areas were probably our favourite areas in Manhattan. They are funky, artsy, eclectic and laid back. We took the subway to Chelsea and walked from here thru the Meat Packing district to West Village and Greenwich.

We did a lot of walking! A lot! But it was worth it.

This is the Chelsea Market.

It is an indoor gourmet food market - in the upper floors of the building are studios and many of the Food Network programs are filmed here.

The Highline - an old railroad track built in the 1930's above the streets. In the last few years, it has been developed into a natural grassland park with benches. Eventually you will be able to walk on this old track all the way from the Meat Packing District up to Hell's Kitchen. Very cool! In a city that is a concrete jungle, this is a very nice getaway.

Yvan and his favourite building

Parking anyone? Yup, this is parking...and to get the car on the top...you got to move both cars below and then put them back again...it only costs about $34 per half hour! Yikes!

Uh, would you like a helicopter to go with your yacht. Why yes! Yes, I would!

Seriously, whose is this? And this was small compared to some of the ones parked at Chelsea Pier!

More of The Highline - cool that it actually goes thru buildings hey!

A little fashion shoot in the Meat Packing District (no, this is not the celebrity sighting...that comes tomorrow)

Groovin' in the village on Bleecker Street

Chillin' in Washington Square Park

Jazzin' it up!

Music, music, music everywhere!

View of the Empire State Building from our hotel room at night!

We were so tired after our day we crashed early!!!

But not before we ate some delicious Mexican food in the village :)


lyndsey&kevin said...

yayayayay.... sooo good keep em comin!!!

Celebrity sighting tomorrow... I can hardly wait!!!


Brendan and Mary said...

You're making me sentimental...and curious about the celebrity sighting!!

Rhonda, Kristin, Eden said...

This is so fun to see pics! And if your "celeb" sighting is Jerry Springer..I will be highly disappointed...