Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Panic is setting in....

We got our travel preparation package yesterday. (No we don't have a court date yet)

Most of the stuff in the package is stuff we already know. The travel side of things anyways as we travel a lot.

However, the baby side of things....well, we need some work on that.

It's not that I don't think we can do it!

I know we can but when you read the list of things you need for baby....OY! It makes my head hurt.

Seriously folks, I get all sweaty and nervous whenever I walk into the diaper aisle...kinda like this:

Do you know how many types, sizes, shapes and smells diapers come in!?

A LOT!!!!

Not to mention bottles!!!

And don't even get me started on nipples!!!

So, I ordered this book:

"The Mother of all Baby Books: An All-Canadian Guide to Your Baby's First Year"

I have ordered all the prerequisite books on attachment and bonding...but I had yet to order a book about the ins and outs of life with a baby.

The reason being was that all the books are geared towards families who have raised a baby from birth.

This is obviously not our case as our son will be a year or more when we bring him home.

But as I sat on the airplane last week, I became acutely aware of all the families with babies also travelling. I watched these mothers with great interest as they balanced baby, toys, snacks, bottles, diapers all while seated in a space that most people can hardly cross their legs in let alone have to share said seat with a wriggly, exploring, pooping, eating, drooling, smiling, cooing, cute-as-a-button baby.

I wondered how these mothers were such pros and where did they learn it from? Well, I know part of it is just intuitive...the mother's natural instinct...part of it is trial and error with many pulling-out-of-the-hair moments I am sure, but also those mothers probably read some too.

So, I sucked it up and ordered the book because it is probably wise that we get acquainted with the stages our son has been thru, is going thru right now and will be at when we go and get him. (I also have to admit that I read on a wise woman's blog who is not a Mother Failure what she wished she had done more of and reading books on babies one was of them - thank you for that invaluable piece of advice)

My mom has suggested a couple of times, very nicely I might add, that some parenting classes might be a good idea. I mean it is true...we should take them...we have been living the baby free life for a while now.

Again it has been one of those things where we worry we will be the only ones in the class either:
A.) Not visibly pregnant

B.) Without kids at home to vent about and use as examples during these parenting classes.

C.) Looking completely dazed and confused (not mention sweaty and nervous)

D). All of the above.

So, I will suck it up and start looking again for some classes - only now we know we have a timeline of sorts not like before we had the referral when we had no clue as to how long things could take. We still don't know how long exactly things will take but we know it won't be as long as our wait for our referral (touch wood).

So, over the next few months I will post here asking you all for advice on what kinds of diapers, formula, snack foods, bottles (and the dreaded nipples), sleeping advice, potty training advice (and who knows what else).

Because I know it takes a village to raise a child and you, my lovelies, are my village :)

P.S. If anyone wants to take advantage of some free babysitting services give us a call..we could use hands on practice.

P.P.S. I also need some personal shoppers - so if anyone wants to spend a day breaking me out of my paralysis of fear when I hit the diaper aisle....let me know...lunch will be on me!


CinnamonOpus said...

Dude. I would totally babysit for you. AND take you shopping.

If there's a seat sale and I come into some money, I am TOTALLY THERE.

(Also? You'll be totally fine. Just don't be afraid to call experienced moms and dads whenever you need to. They will be more than happy to help, and are a great resource.)

Tova said...

This post made me so happy for you....sigh....you are a mommy. (You have the sweats.)

Diapers...we do cloth and biodegradable disposable at night. Cloth, I like monkey doodlez, snapeze, and bum genius. Google Dapa Diapers website...it's great! I'm no help with the dreaded nipples...sorry, I still haven't figured it out myself. Unless it's a soother attatched to a bottle of wine...

Can you PLEEAAAAASSSSSSSEEEEE come and babysit for us?!?!? We still haven't gone out for our anniversary that was weeks ago. I am willing to beg and grovel.

Chad, Laura and Sara said...

Problem with babysitting is that kids ALWAYS behave better with anyone who is not their parent. However, feel free to take Sara anytime - she loves to play princess and sing Hannah Montana...good luck!

My suggestion for buying diapers is , buy whatever you have a coupon for! Those suckers add up quickly.


D Dae said...

Oh I am so taking you up on both of those if you come to Edmonton!!!!

Come shopping, we will have a blast!

Dianne said...

Ha! I totally freaked out in the baby section of the grocery store for MONTHS. Then I went with a friend who was also waiting to bring her daughter home... she was much more calm than I was... finally the shopping began.

(My spazziness is also probably the reason I never took a parenting course.)

Yeah, take a friend. It totally helps.

Ramona said...

Oh Rana. I love the reason you have this panic! Reading it made me panic with and for you (I don't even know if my youngest uses a bottle let alone wheat ones and so on!!!). Oh how I hope I can be part of the day you meet little Ade- come on courts- get some news to CAFAC families!! I'm already anticipating a trip that goes through your town (and won't be allowed into the US this time becasue of my Ethio babies) so we can reunite our kiddos and have a real visit- maybe next summer???

Can't wait for a post like Hazel has announcing that you have diapers in your house too!

Janice said...

Love the visual!! Ha, ha, ha!!!

If I lived closer I would go shopping with you in a heartbeat. It's normal to feel a bit panicky and nervous. I think it's all part of the experience but I'm sure you guys will do just fine (and we've never even met).

Ihle's Paste bum cream is the best ever for rashes - even more effective than the other one that starts with "p" (penatan?) and comes in the blue tin. That's the only advice I can think of to give you. I owe my friend forever for introducing us to it.

dacops said...

It is easier than you think. Each child has preferences and you just have to keep trying until you figure them out.

Just remember one mistake or many won't harm them for life. Many parents will attest to this statement!

Enjoy it! Andrea

Carolyn said...

You are going to be the best mom ever, but I do understand the panic. When you have been childless as long as I have the planning is overwhelming at times. Maybe you can send me the Coles Notes of that book!


CinnamonOpus said...

Ack. I just realized I mistyped my comment. I meant to say YOU could babysit for ME.

But hey, I would still babysit for you, too. It would work either way.

Or we could just put the kids together in a playpen and have some good old fashioned baby wrasslin'. While we sat and watched from our comfy chairs with our tasty adult beverages. Whatevs. It's all good.

Rana and Yvan said...

Dude. I was totally all "Yes, Cinn is coming to babysit!"

But ya, either way!

The kidlets in a playpen and us hanging out enjoying adult bevies together....I'm sooooo down with it!

CinnamonOpus said...

See? SEE? Parenting doesn't have to be scary!!

(Just don't start drinking in the morning. Unless you really REALLY have to.)

Crackerslowe said...


We use Huggies Supreme on Ashton ( they have "earth friendly" ones now too) and have never had a problem with them. And when he did take a bottle we used Avent with the slow flow nipples to start. I think a lot of it can be really overwhelming at first, especially since you have been waiting so long. And we used Nestle baby Good Start when we did use formula. OH and soothers, we used Soothie by first years( it is the kind that they use in the NICU at Children's where Ashton was)

But really, after a few weeks, you will feel like a pro every time you go down the baby aisle.

We never did parenting classes or prenatal classes as he came so early. But we both did infant CPR and infant first aid. I think those are much more important to take ( and know) than a parenting class.

You can call anytime if you want some Mummy advice. Or if you are ever up this way , you can babysit ANYTIME you want. As much as you want.

You will be a great Mum. Confidence and patience and lots and lots of love is all you need.

Gail and Ashton

Tova said...

So...not to pressure you...but was that a yes on the babysitting? :)

Anniversary date here I come!

Ben will probably lick your chin too!

hazel said...

Ha! I have the visual of you sniffing your armpits in the diaper aisle!! That's awesome!

I think diapers will be trial and error. I've started with Pampers Baby Dry size 2 - they were on sale for about .20 each, where normally I see them about .25 each.

And (instead of coming straight home from a Dr. appt) I JUST brought Born Free BPA-free plastic bottles from BRU - buy 2 get 1 free. They say plastic may still have A teeny risk of BPA x-contamination, but that risk is less than the risk of shattering glass bottles on hardwood floors. And I brought 4 pacifiers (Playtex). Once you 'break the seal' on shopping for this stuff, it becomes MUCH easier. I wish we could shop together!

Dr Sears 'The Baby Book' recommends iron-fortified formula with ARA & DHA. They suggest you DON'T use the soy formulas unless dr. advised. I'll be tackling formula next - Nestle Good Start, since that's close to the type the TH uses.

Gaunt Family said...

Having been the recipient of the baby Ben chin-licking, I can tell you it is worth every second of a flight to Vancouver. But if you're going to Van to see Tova, I'm comning too, and we can have a mommy-prep boot camp/wine tasting weekend. There must be a few we haven't tasted yet?! And then we'll leave you with ALL of our children, just for a couple hours, and when we return you will be SO ready for your baby boy (and grateful there aren't 7 of him). ;-)

Rana and Yvan said...

O.k. Tova totally had me coming out when she said Ben would lick my chin too....and even more when you said, Keltie, mommy-prep/wine tasting boot camp...but you can't leave alone with SEVEN kids...I will be a nutter when you come back...let's start with just one and work our way up to the seven.

sandi said...

xander sees your dogs on the blog and says he wants to come over... he's easy, do you want to practise on him? LOl

carolyn said...

That's hilarious, Rana! I can totally relate to the panic, although for me it was more a feelign of being completely conspicious. I felt like an imposter in the baby aisle, and completely clueless. On the bright side, most of what I bought, I used so I guess I did okay.

Enjoy every minute of these preparations!

Shannon said...

The only problem with diaper (and other baby item) recommendations is that everyone seems to have a different favourite - at least that's what I found when I had my babies. But if it makes any difference at all, I always started with Pampers Swaddlers and then switched to Teddy's Choice by President's Choice. The Swaddlers only go up to size 2 and even if he's very tiny, Ade will probably be too big for them by one year old. I think my kids were in about a size 4 or 5 by one year old. But again, not sure how big or small your little guy will be. If you have someone who can tell you how many pounds he weighs closer to the time of travel that might help you know what size of clothes/diapers to buy. If not, I would plan to bring a couple different sizes or err on the bigger size as it wouldn't be good to bring stuff that is too small. :)

Snacks I generally used when my kids were around one year old...
-Baby MumMum crackers (they come individually packaged which is AWESOME and they melt in baby's mouth so no choking hazard
-puffed wheat
-arrowroot cookies by the dozen

Other things I am just thinking of and am putting down even though you really haven't asked for ideas yet:
-diaper wipes make great finger/face wipes - I still keep a bunch in a ziploc bag in my purse and refill as necessary
-I think it's "The First Years" that makes some kick-ass cheap and semi-disposable and colourful sippy cups and bowls that both come with interchangeable lids. They come in packs of 6 and can be washed in the dishwasher. They only cost a few dollars per pack and I have used and reused those suckas FOREVER. Highly recommended!

I can definitely see why you are feeling a bit freaked out but you will do just fine. Parenting is always a learn as you go process. This is so exciting to follow you through this! And you will be the one giving advice a year from now! Just imagine! :)

Anonymous said...

WOMAN...you will be such a natural! The other mommies will be like "wow, look at the chick with the short hair, she makes it look so easy and she looks hot doing it"!!

Here's what you need to know:

-Don't cheap out on diapers
-Washing bottles gets old fast...disposable liners (sorry environment) are the way to go
-Suckies...most babies don't take them over there, Eden just tossed it across the floor
-Baby Mum Mums ROCK
-Get a good stroller...it's worth the investment :)

Hugs, kisses and love are the 3 main things that sweetie will need!

Lonnie said...

Want to get some practice babysitting Daniel in Seattle? You're gonna do great, but I do remember having the same fears. It's been way fun being a first time dad- and much easier than I thought it might be :)

Crackerslowe said...

I should add, on the diaper size thing, it can be confusing, Ash is over 2 and still only is size 4's and he was in size 2's for the longest time( past age 1) He is a very very small babe still though..it really depends on how "thick" Ade's waist is. I love buying diapers. I still get a thrill out of picking them out and paying for them. It feels like the ultimate sign that I am a Mom. Diaper buying...ah..even after 2 years....sigh....

Isabelle & Andre Boudreau said...

I felt the same Rana!! Reading Baby's First Year - Week by Week by Johnson and Johnson helped lots even if we only brought Lexie home at 9 months old.
I am not a pro but will give you what I have tried and heard...
For diapers...I like Huggies the best but my sister was telling me that for boys (she has a baby boy) Pampers is better...
As for nipples...I had bought the Playtex Drop Ins bottles as I find they were more convienient when travelling. Lexie only ever used th fast flow nipples as she was older so I am guessing Ade would too. Buy a few of each and then you can see what he drinks from over there and you can try to see which ones works best. I had a few of each kind just to see.
I was nervous too and panicking but you learn as you go and some things do come naturally!
If ever you are in New Brunswick, you are MORE than welcome to come and babysit!!! Bring your sneakers...you'll be running around like crazy trying to catch our very busy 2 year old!

Rana and Yvan said...

Oh seriously!!!

I love you all you all!!!

This information you are giving me is better than any books :)

Kristen and Dave said...

you guys will be great parents rana - just follow your instincts and shower ade with love. we use dr. brown bottles and pampers brand swaddlers.

Shannon said...

I would love to come shopping with you! I won't be any help at all but can encourage you to buy 1 of everything and see what works once the wee one is at home. See, not much help at all........I can make sure that your fingers don't end up in your arm pits, cause that is just gross.

Just make sure that you blog about all your purchases so I can take the "Rana List" with me when I eventually have to buy this stuff.

Tammy said...

One more thing...the BEST diaper creme is Calendula Diaper Creme by Weleda. I can find it here in Natural food stores and upscale stores like BoBebe. If you can't find it let me know and I'll pick some up for you. Truly it is the best! J's diaper rash disappears the same day we apply it.

andrea said...

I just wanted to say that I don't think I've ever scrolled all the way down to the bottom of your blog - love the photo way down there :-) A

RJ said...

Oh Rana...you'll be the bestest mommy ever...I totally would lend Avery to you and Yvan to practice...

I use Parent's Choice Diapers Size 5 now for Avery...They have seem to do the trick...I used Huggies for Jacob when he was young and Pamper's for Danika when she was young...Pamper's has a perfume smell now and I can't use them due to sensitivity(when Danika was little they didn't have that).

I have used Playtex disposable bottles for all the kids...found them easier to use than washable ones.

As for snacks and such...it'll depend on what Ade likes...Avery likes all puffed snack...popcorn twists...crackers...raisins...granola bars...etc...she is now 20 months old and only has 4 and a half teeth, so we keep the snacks softer yet...

Would so love to shop with you if you like and hang out...it is nice to get out and hang with the adults too...let me know if you need anything as I may have it for you...