Friday, December 17, 2010

Confession Friday

I confess I watched a bit of "White Christmas" last night. You know the one with Bing Crosby and Danny Kaye. Lovely men's men who could sing and dance as well as woo the ladies too. I love the old movies from the '50s things seemed so much simpler did a little dance, sang a little song and everyone felt better for it afterwards. Maybe I should try that this year when I am out among the throngs of crazy holiday shoppers who are fighting over the last pair of Christmas gloves hanging on the rack at Bloomingdale's - uh,oh, wait..that last bit is from the movie "Serendipity". John Cusack is totally my boyfriend ya know! No matter what Cinn tells you - he is mine! Sigh!

I confess I haven't done any Christmas baking at all yet. I hope to get some in next week.

I confess I have a lot of people on mind right now. Some are dealing with stigmas from the very people who are "supposed" to love and support them...others are dealing with the loss of a loved one. There is one who is still facing the "C word" but who we hope with ever fibre of our being will have good news in the New Year. There are friends of mine who are waiting to hear about court dates, visas and referrals! You are all on my mind! All of the time.

I confess I am done my Christmas shopping - thanks to Bolt Upright and all of her fantastic Internet recommendations :) Shopping from home really is the best Christmas gift one could ever give themselves.

I confess my sweet, girlie-cat Suki is not doing well. She is sick again...she is old. So old...I love her so much and I hope we still have a few more days with her yet.

I confess I haven't been crying nearly as much and my tear ducts are thanking me for it.

I confess the wee boy's room is ready but I am not ready to share photos yet...but it is the cutest, darn room ever!

I confess I haven't watched any of my favourite Christmas movies yet..not one. "A Christmas Story" "Elf" and "Love Actually" - I love those movies.

I confess I have been going to the gym again and it has been good. I have learned I can only push myself so far and that I don't have to compete with everyone else...just finishing is good!

I confess my husband is my rock. He is my sanity when I am...let's call it "not all there"...ya, I like that. I love him with all my heart!

I confess I need to go and shower now - sniff, sniff! Whew! did you get a load of that????

I confess while Christmas is feeling empty I still love the glow of the Christmas trees in windows of people's homes and the crunch of the snow beneath my feet as we walk through our neighbourhood to see the lights.


Anonymous said...

The image of you dancing in Midtown Plaza sort of cracked me up! Ha!

Can't wait to see little Ade's room, I'm sure it is awesome!!

lyndsey&kevin said...

I am feeling inspired to do such a post... think I might.

Love actually ROCKS. I haven't seen it yet this year either.

I haven't baked ANYTHING either. BUT I have still managed to put on 3 lbs- crap.


PS can't wait to see the room.

Brendan and Mary said...

Glad to hear your tear ducts aren't completely plugged. I'm sure Ade's room is awesome and I can't wait to see it!

CinnamonOpus said...

Bold Upright gave online shopping ideas? Why did I not see this? NOT SHARING, PEOPLE!!!

I love "White Christmas". We've watched it on Xmas Eve or Xmas day every year since I was born. And we'll watch it this year, too. We're slowly making our way through all our favourite holiday movies -- not at ALL in the traditional order, which is odd, but it's still ok.

John Cusack is your boyfriend -- yeah, right. I see what you did there. But I am not falling for it, oh no I am not. Don't you know, Santa is watching -- YOU SHOULDN'T LIE!!

Carolyn said...

I confess that I think of you daily and that my Christmas wish is for Ade to be in your arms.


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Anonymous said...

Cinn, you saw it, AND you commented on it. Clearly you are suffering from holiday delirium. And from sadness over Rana stealing John Cusack from you.

I highly recommend "The Holiday" for a festive movie. I am not normally a Cameron Diaz fan but I make an exception for that one. Hmmm, maybe it's on pay per view...

And perhaps your Christmas gift to us could be pics of the room?? I'm just sayin'.

CinnamonOpus said...

I DID? But... but...

I blame cookie overload.



Claudia said...


(Totally understand whty you're not ready to share yet. But can't wait for the day you are).

Ranavan said...

cookie overload is no excuse pie overload that I could see....especially pumpkin pie!!!!!

and there was no stealing...only batting of the eyelashes ;)

andrea said...

Love Actually is all around us (and is my absolute favourite movie, and we will be watching it this week!!). I bet your Ade's room is amazing and I will wait patiently for the unveiling! I'm glad that there are still things about this Christmas season that are bringing you some happiness... Christmas lights, candles and Christmas music make my day! A