Wednesday, June 10, 2009

I know What You Are Thinking!

She has completely and utterly lost it.

Nope, I still have that one marble, although it is tenuously hanging on, it is still there.

If you go back to my last post on staying will remember I was complaining about how I had done all projects one could think of....well, I guess there was one I hadn't yet tackled. You have to read the comments section to see what I mean.

I suspect there may be more for me to accomplish...if you have any ideas on future projects to keep me busy while we wait, by all means please feel free to post them.

I will see if I am up for the task ;)


Anonymous said...

oh now you are just asking for trouble. Heh.

D Dae said...

Write a Haiku!

D Dae said...

Learn to play the guitar
Go bungee jumping
Go hand gliding
Take a hot air balloon ride, at sunset with your lovely hubby!
Get a piercing or a tattoo
Take your poochies to an agility or fly ball class
Take a couples massage class
Go to a nude beach
Do all of this in the next month! Well you wanted a challenge :)

Tova said...

1. Learn how to quilt or make something for your baby to be.
2. Grow some veggies and give them away.
3. Create and market a new drink. (yes, alcoholic counts)
4. Plant berry bushes outside of your yard so that the berries will get eaten by other people.
5. Paint your toes with a new colour...a colour you would never use.
6. Go race a motorcycle or dirt bike.
7. Go to an ethnic restaurant or grocery store that you have never experienced.
8. Read the Bible and Koran in tandem. Or Shakespeare and Steven King.
9. Learn to grow orchids. Or's too hard and depressing when they all die...just speaking from personal experience.
10. Eat the same food for dinner for a whole week.

Never said I was normal. :)

Tova said...

Forgot to add: Yes to the tattoo...unless you already have one. I am trying to come up with a good Africa tattoo, any ideas?

haze said...

That boltupright - she's a bad influence.

Do you knit - I know that knitting a baby blanket is a great way to keep busy and happily focused on your coming child.

CinnamonOpus said...

I say:

Have a bubble bath
Read a bunch of books
Go for really long walks
Sleep in
Play board games or do jigsaw puzzles
Drink lots of tasty adult beverages
Cook new meals with the Muffin Man
Get regular pedicures

Because soon enough, you will not have time to yourself to enjoy these things anymore. So spoil yourself a little, enjoy all the little things in life right now, and breathe.

Ramona said...


Ever thought of scrapbooking? I've been doing a page for every month of the wait with my thoughts and some pictures of things we did. (I tired to keep it fairly positive but some months show the desperation...)I don't think I can think of anything to really help you out... Looking at your little one on your ticker makes me want to cry.

Housden Family said...

Hi Rana,
I take courses. I think I will be extremely well educated by the time this adoption is over.
So my advice is to go to school for something.
(everyone thinks I am crazy, but nothing keeps your mind occupied like class and assignments).

Littleone said...

Plan a great big party and invite lots of happy positive people!

Kelly said...

Here's my list:

Create a map of the grocery store.
Make all shopping lists in coordinates of the store.(ex: row 4, 3rd shelf, flour)
Paint yvan's toenails. In multiple colors.
Take pictures of your favorite places in your town and then post them for my amusement.
Accept more photography challenges from blog readers.
Sew costumes for the dogs. Bonus points for hats.
Cook 3 new recipes in the next 7 days. Bonus points for recipes with beans.
Go to a bookstore and find the six oddest book titles.
Come up with lotto numbers for me.
Go fly a kite in the park.
Use the word "plethora" in ten separate instances.
Learn what the hokey pokey is about.

Host a pajama dinner party.