Monday, June 1, 2009

Compostable Diapers?

Yup, they are!

Cuuuute cotton washable outer with a plastic-free diaper inside....flush the poo, compost the pee!

Check it:


If it is recylable or compostable, leave it to Yvan to find it (even if he was really looking for spray foam websites).


andrea said...

This is great - thanks for sharing. I was actually just chatting with a friend the other day about how I had heard about these biodegradable diapers that are better than disposable (obviously), but also actually better than reusable. So, your link is very timely and much appreciated (not tha I need it any time soon, but I can at least share with my friends who have babies!). A

CinnamonOpus said...

Nice, but too pricey for our budget.

haze said...

They are a great alternative to the landfill, but I worry about my plumbing.

Proudmama said...

Hi there, I'm a lurker but thought I'd post on this subject. Nice... I've been lured out of lurkdom by discussions of things that hold poo. Anyhoo. I have some friends that love gdiapers but I'm not one of them. A friend bought me some to try and I'm really glad I did, but they weren't for me. The insert moved around a lot and well... the shit just went everywhere and if your little one comes home with less than solid poop it's pretty messy. Plus I wasn't totally in love with stirring the insert in the toilet for a while until it started to disolve so that I could flush it. I didn't really know what to do with the stir stick afterwards. Taking anything OUT of a toilet makes me gag. But composting it wasn't too bad. Only problem is the compost is no longer going in my tomato garden after that! :)

I'd go for cotton diapers over the gdiapers but that's just me...


D Dae said...

For the price of the diapers (4 to 5 times the cost of disposables), plus the risk to my plumbing, plus the "hands on" nature of this product... well I am not a fan. I would rather be focused on my child than trying to put together a finiky diaper, or stiring my toilet like a cauldron waiting for the diaper to disolve. yuck.. no thanks. Diaper changes need to be quick and efficient so I can keep my eyes on my kids! However I love the idea and hope someone comes up with something better.

Tova said...

Can't believe that poo causes so much discussion, but here I am, weighing in. I love the concept of Gdiapers but have heard they are difficult to use. That being said, the environmental impact of regular diapers is HUGE. (yes, I'm a granola girl) And when you think that one person can't make a difference...enough said. Something I was challenged to do was use one cloth diaper a day. I was shocked how many diapers it saved us. I do use disposable, but go for biodegradable ones and feel guilty if I'm filling up the landfill with anything that won't degrade. We did a family challenge to get our garbage down to one green bag a week. It's crazy what you can all recycle and compost. That's my soap box for the day. :)

Chad, Laura and Sara said...

Best of luck to are MUCH braver then I would ever be.


P.S. I know you are so close - I think of you everyday with hopes of your BIG announcement.

Rana and Yvan said...

Well, look at the discussion to be had on poo!

We have no idea what we will use for diapers as of yet....obviously we need to see who and how old our little one is.

Disposable diapers will likely make Yvan's head pop off....we recycle and compost every thing we can. We are probably down to one garbage bag a week that goes into the landfill.

Eventually we are going to build a net zero home and I am sure disposable diapers will not be allowed thru the door.

That being said, I will fight hard to use them when we go to Ethiopia only 'cause being first time parents in another country does not need to be made all the more exciting with cloth diapers :)

Thanks all for your honesty and great feed back.

Rana and Yvan said...

Oh and I forgot to welcome Proudmama out of lurkdom!

Crackerslowe said...

I have read all about G-diapers, I think they would be perfect for you and Yvon. They were too pricey for us, but On Kristin's apprentice wage most things are. Plus, they have super cute bum covers you can get.


Kirsten said...

I checked out Gdiapers at our local whole foods store and the price was beyond our means. My friend who is very green bought a whole set of high quality cloth diapers off of Kijiji which had never been used and then made her own simple liners out of microfibre cloths from dollarama. She has been using them for almost a whole year and said they are great. She just keeps a pail with a lid with a vinegar solution and after gently shaking off the "excess" into the toilet she puts the liners in the solution pail. Then when she has time she pours the whole pail in the washer and cleans them. She bought cute little covers for them too. She does use disposable diapers for emergencies or for when she is out shopping. She says that cloth diapers aren't that difficult to use or care for and she doesn't seem to have issues with leaks or extreme messes. It's green, affordable and won't clog your toilet.


natasha said...

I just want to second what Kirsten said. I used cloth for my first 3 kids and it was not hard at all. You just need a diaper pail and I kept a knife(I know that sounds sick but it got chucked after) in the bathroom for scraping poop into the toilet. I didn't soak them or anything. For wipes, I cut up old receiving blankets into strips. Even when you are out, you are almost always changing them in a bathroom and you just run the cloth under warm water. Much nicer on their bums than cold wipes. If you buy good quality cloth diapers they will last for a few children. I know that "A Soft Landing" on Lorne sells them but you can also get them online or at second hand stores. Good quality covers are really important too and it is better to have them not attached to the diaper as you don't always wash them.
As far as travelling I would totally use disposable. You can buy "Seventh Generation" green ones or even superstore has a new green brand. Way easier than trying to wash and dry them while in a hotel. Trust me!!!

Ramona said...

I'm going to send you an email from my sister-in-law who used/uses g-diapers and her finds on "better" diapers... If anyone else who reads this post want the info- Rana will have it or you can email me at willowdalewhimsy at (with the @ and no spaces).