Tuesday, May 5, 2009


So, o.k. I have to apologize to anyone I may have accidentally spooked by a post a I ACCIDENTALLY published yesterday.

Here is what happened:

Way back in March when The CBC ran THAT story (you know the one I mean) I wrote this post.

However, I had written an entirely different post right after seeing the story and then thought better of it and kept it in my drafts folder. I decided I didn't have anything to defend..I still stand by that.

Yesterday, while I was writing my post about L.A. I went into my drafts folder and thought to myself "Self, you should really clean out these posts you wrote (there were a few) and didn't publish lest you accidentally publish one of them."

So, I set about deleting posts! Or at least I thought I had deleted them all...about 3 minutes later I got an email from someone asking if every thing was o.k. Was there another story? Was I o.k.?

"Oh nooooo!" I groaned and phoned said friend to ask what she was referring to although I had a pretty good idea what it was.....and yup...I had done what I had set out NOT to do. I had posted the "My Heart Hurts" post.

I got a couple of other emails and talked to few friends who said they all read the post...man you guys read stuff fast :)...and were worried.

Now I could say that I was tired because it was Monday or I was still adjusting to life after holidays...but really what it comes down to is this....


I really do! I have been extremely absentminded the last few weeks...oh o.k.....months!

I send emails to people telling them to read a link I found interesting and forget to include the link.

I freak out thinking I have lost my sunglasses only to find out they are...you guessed it...on top of my head.

I sit in our weekly team meetings and daydream about the when "the call" will come and then pipe up and say something like "we need to discuss landscaping for this project" only to be told they had been discussing said topic for the past 10 minutes and where was I.

I have almost cut my finger off cooking supper because I am in my head instead of in reality!

Last week I was looking for something in my purse...handed Yvan my wallet and asked him to hold it for me...than immediately started to panic because I couldn't find the wallet and what were we going to do if I had lost it! Yvan looked at me like...well....like I was losing my mind.

I find that I used to have a lot of marbles...I considered myself to be fairly intelligent (no Albert Einstein mind you) but lately I seem to be down to one marble and I am perilously close to losing that precious marble.

There is only one cure for what ails me and I can't even think about it until the phone actually rings!

So, on behalf of my mushy brain...I apologize if I got anyone worried about MORE media coverage...there is none...that story has fizzled like the soggy firecracker it was. I have deleted the aforementioned post....I think..I don't remember..sigh!

I guess I better start eating more brain food!


D Dae said...

I wish I had some extra marbles I could share with you! But all mine seem to have disappeared as well! Just consider it Mommy Brain. :)

lovesmukiwa said...

and just so you don't get all excited and think that you will get your brain marbles back once life has gifted you the baby blessing you SOOOOOO deserve.... you will have sleep deprivation brain!!!!!! I think it's a good idea to start learning to function with one marble :)

Rhonda, Kristin, Eden said...

You should feel good cuz look at all the people who luv ya and worry about ya!!

As for the brain, mmmmm, I still have it. It doesn't go away. International adoption has scarred my thinking parts.

Tova said...

I agree with everyone so far...you are just practising life with one marble for when you are an active mom. (as opposed to a waiting mom)

I am sooo sleep deprived these days I can't focus on what I'm reading without blinking several times. I'm probably a hazard when I'm driving and I can't believe I haven't burned down the house or blown something up. Anyone want to come and take Ben for a night...so I can...sle........zzzzzzzzzz

BCMommy said...

Exactly! I teach grade one full time with an active group of wackos, go home to a loving, but greek-mama's boy of a husband who needs everything done for him and 2 sweet little boys. I can barely remember to take a shower and brush my teeth. I was running around this morning looking for a hair clip, not realising until the hubby, in one of his 'helpful' moments, noticed it was already on my head... and yesterday I went out with one eye mascara'd (one of the kids needed Lucky Charms STAT)...to work...all day. Did I mention I am a blonde, and look like I have no eyelashes without mascara. it was lunch before someone asked me what was up with my weird eyes.
So, sorry to break it to you, but I lost mine all about 6 years ago this June. Good luck to ya, Rana!

lyndsey&kevin said...

I did see that post yesterday and was wondering what that was all about.... thanx for clearing that up!! I think if all us "adoption in progress" ladies got together it would be great..... but watch out.... I would clear the wake.... Keep smiling mister sister you are on the home stretch!!!!!

Anonymous said...

Um... yeah. Good luck with getting your marbles back. Let me know if you succeed, I'd love to hear your method. :)

ok my blogger verification word is "coments" ... hee.

haze said...

Oh my dear. I gave a feeble laugh at the thought of your last marble rolling about. It can keep my lonely marble company.

But now I'm scared because your other readers are saying once gone, the marbles don't come back. Eeek!

BTW, I didn't see the errant post myself. My blog reader takes a while to alert me of new posts.

Signed: Your Sister in Paper Pregnancy Brain

Kristin Hickman said...

Rana, you are too funny, I wouldn't count on gaining any marbles back, I know I have a definite lack of them also. My husband asked me "did you give birth to your brain too", which shouldn't have surprised him that it wouldn't go over so well with me. One bonus though, now that my kids are a bit older they always seem to know just where to find the things that I am blankly staring at, but can't see. Looks like you had a great trip too, good for you!

lyndsey&kevin said...

come crash ANYTIME!!!!!

Gaunt Family said...

I am so relieved to know that this afflication has a name. Misery loves company and so does absentmindedness. God bless you Rana. I could not have endured what you have. You are one of my adoption heroes for not being in the psych ward right now.

Anonymous said...

Hey Rana,

I am glad to hear you had a great trip and distraction, I have some thing that may make you laugh so I thought it might be good for you, my daughter Olivia was looking at your blog with me. She saw the pictures of your cats and she asked me if you had a two headed cat or what, I explained to her that no I think she has two cats and that it is just the way the picture looks, she sounded so disappointed. Still thinking and praying for you guys!

Take care, Shannon Simms

Anonymous said...

Hi Rana. I just wanted to wish you a happy Mothers day. When I was pregnant with Acacia, I felt kinda left out of the whole day until a friend brought me flowers. It was so nice to be included even though I was not quite there yet. You are as close as I was Rana, so I hope you have a great day and enjoy the fact that next year on mothers day your baby will for sure be home!
love, Natasha