Friday, May 15, 2009

Congratulations Are in Order

My good friend Hazel got the best news ever yesterday.

A wee baby girl.

Go give her your congratulations!

Hazel - thank you for every thing - you have been a great strength of support, laughter and friendship to me. Enjoy this beautiful moment!


haze said...

Thank you, Rana. I wouldn't have made it in one piece without you and the gang.

I hope Vangroovey has more sun than is forecast for Cowtown this long weekend.

Julia said...

I hope this gives you hope that it will happen (hopefully sooner than later)

Tracey said...

Hey Rana, just sending you a big hug, just because!
Where is that sun today?? They said it would be sunny!!! Hope you are enjoying your visit in our fair city!!