Friday, May 22, 2009

10K Kleenex Race

So, this weekend I am supposed to run a 10K timed race at the annual Sask Maraton. I have not been training at all but I am still going to run it.

They will have porta-potties for pee breaks along the way.

They will have water/gatorade stations along the way.

Do you think it is too weird of me to ask them to set up Kleenex stations for me along the way?

I could maybe go out the night before and randomly place tissue boxes along the route for my crying outbreaks which is bound to happen since my tear ducts have run amok these days.

Can you just imagine the looks on the other runners' faces as I run by crying my wee eyes out!!!


mary said...

Although this is quite a funny image, you have every right to cry your way through that race!! Run hard and enjoy the feeling of your tears flying through the wind!!

Danielle said...

It will be okay though, you can always pass the tears off as face sweat and nobody will know the difference! LOL!

Seriously though, I hope that this even BIGGER race you are running comes to an end soon. You are definitely in the home stretch!! :-)

haze said...

Yeah, no one will notice your tears through the fog of their own ordeals. Enjoy the time on your own - it will be a good time to meditate and let out some stress.

Have a great run!! Remember to take walk breaks.

Rhonda, Kristin, Eden said...

Just tuck a little kleenex in your sports bra, and all will be well. Good luck, you'll do great!

lyndsey&kevin said...

let em fall (the tears that is) no one will notice, it will totally look like sweat. Run your hear out sister.... it will feel great!! That race is nothing comparred to this reace, you have it in the bag!!

D Dae said...


Alex said...

I highly recommend hot yoga for some crying sessions, you're sweating so hard no one knows you're crying anyway ;-)

Shannon said...

I like Rhonda's idea!!! Stuff your bra until they are double D's and that should help you make it through the race. Heck, do it at work too and see if anyone says anything, lol

Enjoy the race! Hmmmmm is enjoy the right word? I never see anyone who is running with a smile on their face ;) How about enjoy the time to yourself and focusing on something else for a few hours.

Good luck! If you need a kleenex station, let me know where and I will be there with a box and a hug for you.

BCMommy said...

I like the 'stuff 'em 'til they're double D's' idea.

But it's true, tears and face sweat look pretty similar.

Have a good run!


Natalie and Chris said...

I agree with Rhonda, a little extra padding should do the trick. Have a good race.

Single PAP said...

good luck!

Carolyn said...

You go girl! And if there are tears than so be it!Good luck- we cannot wait to hear all about it!


Kirsten said...

Doesn't exercise create endorphins? Maybe there will be no need for kleenex..atleast for a little while. Lots of luck to you....I would be heaving on the ground after running the first 5 blocks.

Curvy Runner said...

That's the problem with running, too much time to think in between panting, sweating, and not tripping! Good for you to go for it anyway!

Rachella said...

it's posts like this that make me wish i still lived in S'toon. i want to be there for you (and Yvan).
i'm especially good at crying! and a huge promoter of it too. lol!


lovesmukiwa said...

Since the race is now over I am way too late to make a suggestion - how did it go?
BTW - I know this is too wierd to believe, but the little word verification I have to enter to post this comment is "bawl!"

Anonymous said...

Hey Rana.
I have to confess that I have been reading your great blog for quite a while. I am feeling for you in these days. Many people receiving their referrals...but not you, yet. I trust that your day is coming soon and and it will all be worth the wait once you see you little one's face. We have been waiting for 13 months and I am finding it hard. I cannot imagine waiting as long as you have especially because you would have seen the timelines stretched a few times already.
Praying for you,
Trisha from Winnipeg

Lisa, Pierre, Marika,Karelle & Yakim said...

Thinking of you Rana during this difficult time... I cannot wait to see you post your refferal post, we will all celebrate with you !!!!

Good luck on the race and I don't think its weird at all to ask for kleenex stations...


Tova said...

I want to know how it went! Did you kick butt? Did you release lots of tears? Rana, I think you have a huge community of people who are cheering for you...both the running and adoption. The only thing I have left to say is this...and I know it sounds hollow, but it has been true for both my this: Once it is over, you will look back and know you got exactly the right child and you will understand why things happened that you can't understand while in it.

I know that isn't much, but we are having faith for you that this baby coming SOON is exactly right for you and special for you in some way.

Come to Van soon and meet me!

Ramona said...

Just the thought of running 10 kms makes me cry!! How'd it go? Sorry I missed cheering ahead. But, know that I am still cheering for you on the bigger race you are on!!