Monday, September 1, 2008

New Fall Clothes and the Gals

We bought some new fall clothes....but not for us!

We found these cute dog coats at our local farmer's market and couldn't resist....

and....they are reversible!!!! So, two looks in one :)

And then these gals..... together this weekend to celebrate this gal and her last couple of weeks as a single lady.

We showered her with gifts and then took her out dancing!

Congratulations Sarah! You and Eric are such a fun-loving couple and you were totally made for each other :) Can't wait until the wedding celebration!!!


Rhonda said...

Love the pups new digs! Looks like you had a blast with the girls!

Ricki said...

Haha, I alway bug Bruce about wanting to get the dogs some clothing and he won't let me. Guess it's more of a small dog thing....they look adorable. ANd what fabulous models they are!

Sebrina said...

Hahaha, the dogs look so cute :)

haze said...

The dog coats are priceless. I love your group picture - looks like a fun time was had by all.

Ramona said...

I so need to find a pattern to sew some of these for my sister-in-laws little Yorkies this Christmas!
Yeah for fun weddings and other events to pass the time these days!!

Rana said...

Ramona, I think these coats are really easy...I am not a sewer...but they look easy.

I could take a photo close up and of the jackets off the dogs if you like.