Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Things To Look Forward To

Well, since I have been a Mopey Martha lately I have decided to post some things I am looking forward to over the next little while.

1. Dynamite Dianne is coming to town this weekend! I am looking forward to meeting one of my blogging buddies and getting to know her in person. It always seems so surreal when you meet someone whose life you have been following and know so much about but haven't met yet. It is like meeting someone famous - you get all tongue-tied and nervous (well I do).

2. Season Premiere Week is alive and well on t.v. Thank goodness for the invention of the PVR - so now we can live our life and still get to watch our favourite shows. I am especially looking forward to the following premieres:

- CSI: Crime Scene Investigation - I have been a faithful viewer of CSI since it started. I have to admit t I have a wee bit of a crush on Gil Grissom (William Petersen) he is so smart and nerdy and doesn't even know he is kinda cute. I am saddened that Gil will be leaving the show this year :( ( ya, we're on a first name basis). I must add that CSI Miami and CSI New York fail in comparison to the original and could someone please tell David Caruso that acting is more than standing sideways with your head tilted!!!! Sheesh!

- Ugly Betty - I love this show. I love it for its over the top color schemes, fun characters and tongue-in-cheek look at the fashion world. I think my favourite characters are Amanda and Marc - they remind me so much of Karen and Jack from "Will and Grace".

-Dexter - Now I know this is a dark show but I love it! I was seriously hooked during the first 5 minutes. I am not sure how they manage to keep the story going as the show is based on a book called "Darkly Dreaming Dexter" and there were no follow up stories. The second season, while not as good as the first, was still pretty amazing so, if they can keep it going thru the third season - well then I will be watching every Sunday! I will kinda miss Doakes though. It amazes me how they can take a serial killer and make him likeable, but they do.

- Get together with the girls - Sunday night I will have the immense pleasure of getting together with the girls - Rhonda, Ricki, Sandi, Cheryl, Shauna, myself and hopefully Shannon, will be sitting down for some good conversation and great Ethio food! Yahoo! I can't wait!!!

-Election time - oh ya, no! I am not excited about the third election for Prime Minster of Canada in 4 YEARS!!! Come on people!!! Or should I say Harper - you coulda waited for another year - and why did you have to go and call an election at the same time as the greatest U.S. Presidential race ever. It is hard to get excited over a lack lustre group of Canadian politicians when you got Obama and McCain to watch!

- Anderson Cooper - With all the hoopla of the election down south I get to see more of Anderson Cooper on T.V. - he's totally my boyfriend!

- Book Club - the on-line book club I am part of is getting ready to start its next books - I am looking forward to more fantastic reads! The lovely Julie has also managed to get Jane Kurtz to "talk" to our book club - or I guess take questions is a better way of putting it. How cool is that!!!

- Madonna - Uh huh, getting more excited by the minute for this concert! What should I wear????? Help!!! Only 1 month and 6 days!!!! He he Cheryl - I just had to taunt ya a little ;)

Well, I think I am feeling a little better now - I have some things to look forward to and keep my mind somewhat off the adoption.


Rhonda and Kristin said...

I know! What is it about Anderson Cooper? But he like totally was totally like mine first!

But you forgot Desperate Housewives, Amazing Race, ER and Grey's Anatomy too! Ok, I'm addicted to tv, and I just admitted it on the internet, ahhh.

Can't wait to see you this weekend!! It'll be great to cut lose and have a bi%^& session!

lovesmukiwa said...

With the exception of Dynamite Dianne whom I do not know, and get together night with the girls, I completely love everything on your list of things you are looking forward to. I LOVE Dexter! and I wish I were going to see Madonna, but I am excited that you are :)

lovesmukiwa said...

Oh - and I totally would have a kid with Anderson. YUM

Anonymous said...

just for you Rana...

some David Caruso awesomeness... or NOT.


Rana said...

ah ha ha June! That was awesome! I sooo appreciate the good belly laugh :)

Now I've got one for you -

haze said...

Wow, you have a TON to look forward to. I'm with you on some of those things: Dexter & CSI; I'm also hoping Grey's Anatomy gets back to the must-see-tv it used to be.

Lucky you, what a great weekend of friends you have coming up. I fully expect that you and I will get to meet (possibly while in a land far, far away). Raise a glass or six for me this weekend ;-P

Rana said...

Hazel! You should hop in the car with Dianne and come out...whoot...that would be fun!!!

If not, then lets plan to meet in E for sure! ;)

Anonymous said...

ah yes, Carrey does Caruso... that is a classic too.... isn't it. (putting on my sunglasses of doom as I say that)

sandi said...

I agree... I think you forgot a VERY important show!!!!!!!

thanks for putting up with all my yelling :)

Dianne said...

Yes! Those are great things to look forward to! Somehow, good TV shows always make it to my list of bright spots too. :)

See you soooooooooon!

Rana said...

A word of caution - never watch a medical show with a doctor ;)

sandi said...

You loved it and you are gonna love it every thursday that it's on!!!