Friday, August 29, 2008

Summer Fades to Fall

Summer is at the tail end of its life cycle for 2008! It has been an interesting, stressful, relaxing, busy, boring, eventful summer all rolled into one. That might sound a bit contradictory but it is true...this summer has had elements of all those things!

I actually can't believe September is here...I remember when our dossier was sent to E in November how far away 12 months one year of waiting is almost upon us. I say every year after summer is over "now we will get to catch up with all the people we didn't see over summer because summer is so crazy" . Yet, somehow, every fall seems to whip by and before you know it Christmas is a few days away and we really haven't had a chance to see anyone we wanted to see.

We always seem to have a fall wedding to attend and this year is no exception. Our lovely friends Eric and Sarah are getting married in two weeks....their wedding will be a fun-filled weekend celebration starting with a wiener roast on the Friday night, wedding ceremony and reception on the Saturday and a waffle brunch on the Sunday :) I can't think of a better way to pass a weekend then celebrating our friend's marriage with a group of people we love!

Thanksgiving will arrive so quickly, really only 6 weeks after September long, then Halloween which we will celebrate in Vancouver - hope my mom hands out candies to the kiddies...I love doing that!

Then the big surge to Christmas happens....we are always busy wrapping things up at work and always have the big push to meet deadlines, there are Christmas parties of all shapes and sizes to attend, baking to be done, gifts to be feels sometimes like we can't breathe and then a big sigh of relief when we make it to a week of relaxation with family and friends during the Christmas break.

Somewhere in there we hope to get our much anticipated referral for a wee one. Our agency update came this week and time lines indicate that referrals for infants under 3 years are taking 8-14 months (one month less than last update). I am hoping and praying we see something before Christmas but if it takes the 14 months...well, we'll manage.

While summer is ending, I feel like something new is is starting to feel like we are in the homestretch...and can see a tiny glimpse of the bright light ahead. I think being busy this fall will make the time pass even quicker.

Happy Labour Day Long Weekend to All

Much love


haze said...

Rana, I have that same feeling of the homestretch. I suddenly feel like an 'old pro' at this adoption thing - no longer a 'rookie' who's only been waiting a couple of months. What a beautiful Fall we're going to have. I love this season and it will be a beautiful setting for us to be gazing at the pictures of our babies.

Rana said...

Haze, I know what you mean...when I first signed up for the message boards and started blogging I felt so "new"....I saw all the people ahead of me who had been waiting for 10-12 months and I am one of's to both of us getting a referral in the next couple of months :)

Danielle and Nick said...

Rana, you have such a good attitude about this waiting thing. I so admire that and wish I was the same way during our wait. I hope that your referral comes soon so that you can be celebrating over the busy months leading up to Christmas (if not BEFORE)!!

Happy long weekend!


Rhonda said...

Hey girls..the future's so bright we gotta wear shades! Pretty soon it'll be see ya later fall, hello winter and our babies!

CinnamonOpus said...

So calm and optimistic... You guys amaze me! I was Nutty McCriesalot by the time we got our referral... and that was a far shorter wait. Here's hoping your patience and good humour pays off in short order with a referral! (But not while I am away! I want to be around to see the good news!)

Sebrina said...

I hope you hear something soon! Can't wait to see who your little babe will be :)

I can't believe that September is here too... but I say that every year.