Monday, August 25, 2008

ABBA - Makes a Girl Feel Good

Friday night I went to see "Mama Mia" with some girls! It was just what I go see a girly movie full of ABBA music.

I haven't enjoyed a silly musical movie that much since "Rocky Horror Picture Show" and I kept wanting to get up and dance. Sadly, I have not yet seen the touring musical where I hear the audience does just that. How fun would be it if they had the same concept of "Rocky Horror" with the audience participation - I used to be able to recite all the lines and know exactly what to bring for props at Rocky back in the day - "Mamma Mia" could be the same - you could dress up in fun '70's costumes and do the dances and say some of the key lines - F.U.N spells FUN!

I used to listen to ABBA when I was growing up - my mom had a few of their albums and so there many days spent listening to "Dancing Queen" or "Take a Chance on Me" and dancing around the living room :)

The only time I had a teary moment during the movie was at the end when they played "I Have A Dream" and not because of the movie but because I do have a dream - to be a mom, to see Yvan as the wonderful father I know he will be, to be a family!

So, here you, go a little ABBA for your viewing and listening pleasure on the last Monday of August 2008!

P.S. Pierce Brosnan should not sing and be romantic - blech! Colin Firth - he was awesome!


CinnamonOpus said...

We enjoyed it too! Silly, light, fun, and not deep in the slightest -- perfect to forget those adoption stresses! We've been twice already, and I wouldn't be surprised if we went again before we leave...

I dunno, I thought none of the men were particularly good, but it didn't really matter -- they just kind of fit for me. Pierce Brosnan's got a sort of Joe Cocker kind of voice -- not exactly a strong voice, but certainly a STYLE. We downloaded the soundtrack and he's not too bad, although it was painful to watch him sing in the movie. And Colin Firth is kind of reedy and weak, but at least he carries a bit of a tune. And Stellan Skarsgard... well, in the movie he was more comedy relief than anything, but on the soundtrack he actually can sing a wee bit.

The women on the other hand were pretty terrific! Hammy as all get out, but good!

Now you've made me want to go AGAIN!

haze said...

LOL!! Funnily enough, another (private) blog is currently holding a bit of debate about this movie.

I love ABBA but am reluctant to see this flick - it's the thought of Colin & Pierce lowering themselves to singing. From what I've heard in the trailers, they aren't that good. I guess you've already panned Pierce, but can Colin really sing? And would you still be able to enjoy him in Pride & Prejudice after watching this?

The Warren Family said...

I love ABBA! I enjoyed watching the video you posted!!

Rana said...

Oh is so painful watching Pierce Brosnan in the movie...he was at his best when he was just standing...quietly...looking pretty.

I love Colin Firth and while this isn't his best role is pretty funny at the very end when he is in the '70's outfit and platform boots.

I will always be able to enjoy Colin Firth in Pride and Prejudice!

Sebrina said...

I really want to see this :) I love Abba!

Anonymous said...

Rana I just saw it tonight and it was FABULOUS!!! I was belting out the songs and kinds surprised that others weren't!! I feel so happy and ready to take a dancing class!

Dianne said...

The movie was awesome! But yeah - those men just shouldn't sing!

If you loved the movie, you would love, love, LOVE the live show! I hope you can see it someday! :)

I'm on the fence as to whenther Colin Firth will be as enjoyable in P&P after this. However, I figure as soon as I turn it on, my inner swoon will find it's way back again, lol