Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Back to Work

So, we are back to work after our week off...sigh!

We started the week off with a visit from my momma who was here to spend some time with Grandma D after her surgery. She drove all the way from Vancouver with my cousin H.

We had a family BBQ on the Saturday night and it was delightful.

My Momma Joe and snuggly Leroy (Joe is not her name but I have called her this for as long as I can remember - I don't know why!)

My Auntie B and cuddly Grissom

My Grandma D, Cousin H, and Great Auntie R hanging on the swing!

After the family visit, we spent the rest of the week doing some serious landscaping. O.k not so serious, each day we leisurely got ready, had breakfast and then headed outside to work in the yard. It was awesome!

Our new flower bed - now the Hostas were already there..we just finally made it look pretty with the stack stones.

My favourite part is the deck, we were finally able to stain it this year and put up the white picket rail...it is cozy and we get to sit out on the front porch and watch the neighbourhood go by...with cold beer and clam in hand or tea and book...whatever :)

Finished product - well, not quite finished...notice that we are missing one set of shutters...these have been missing for almost a year and I thought we would get this done this week...we did not...a slight irritation to say the least...better not be next year! However, we did get the yard mulched with the big bark mulch which we love...it look alot of mulch though...we didn't realize how long our side yard was!

I can honestly say that after our fabulous week of holidays I was not looking forward to going back to work. Yvan said this "Next year we will take the same week off, but maybe two!"

I said this," I better bloody well be off on my 35 weeks paternity leave next summer or you will have one cranky wife! 2 weeks, bah! better not be only two weeks, better have a baby home by then..2 weeks, bah..." I mumbled on for a while and Yvan finally told me to be quiet :)

Here is to being off with our wee one for the entire summer in 2009!!!


Rhonda said...

Looks like you had a nice "relaxing" week off! Cheers to good family, lovely yard work and babies for the whole summer of '09. See ya tomorrow!


haze said...

"2 weeks, bah!" LOL, you crack me up! It's true thought!!

I love the deck - just looking at it makes me thirsty for a cold beer.

Shannon and Dan said...

Very nice looking yard! It looks like you worked way too hard on your holidays. Glad you had a relaxing time.

Ricki said...

Such a homey home and yard you have!
Well I am glad to hear that you plan on being home with baby next summer cuz I plan on hauling my 2 little munchkins out your way so we can spend a day or two playing at the park and swimming in the paddling pool with all 3 of our wee ones! Won't that be fun :) :) :)


Barbara said...

Yes, that missing shutter does ruin the entire effect. NOT! Looks great.

CinnamonOpus said...

Gorgeous! You're hired.

What, you don't want to spend your free time making MY house look so lovely? Drat.

Oh well, guess you'll just have to spend it enjoying your home and kids then!

Ranavan said...

oh I should add that we have planted the shrubbery...ha ha ha I love that word...over the last couple of years...we only planted the two cedars on the side of the house this past week...so really, I didn't work all that hard ;)

Julie said...

Your house looks beautiful!

Ranavan said...

Thanks Julie! :)

The Warren Family said...

Your house and yard looks great! I love it!!