Saturday, June 4, 2011


I have loved U2 since I was 12 years old. It was the first cassette I bought of my own accord. It was the "Unforgettable Fire" album and "Pride in the Name of Love" soon became my all time favourite song.

I have since followed them thru every album. Even when they sort of (in my opinion) went off track with "Pop". I was supposed to see them on the Popmart tour but had just come back from visiting my parents in Panama where they were living at the time and was too tired to travel another 5 hours to see them. I have regretted that decision ever since.

I had the opportunity to see them again on the Elevation tour and jumped at it this time. They were fantastic!

When I met Yvan, one of the things that drew me too him, other than his sparkly personality and dashing good looks, was that he loved U2 as much as me.

Together we have seen them 3 times (I know excessive). The first time we saw them was right after we got married on the Vertigo tour and now this tour twice.

This show was outside and it was amazing! Much better then when we saw them indoors in 2009.

U2 never disappoints. We have seen many bands in concert and they are the best touring band you will ever see live. Bono is a true show man and probably the most engaging front man out there.

Our hope is they do one more album and tour at least so we can take the wee lad one day to see them.

This show they sang a bunch of our favs - "Pride in the Name of Love", "Sunday, Bloody Sunday", "With or Without You", "Where the Streets Have No Names", "I Will Follow", "Beautiful Day", "One", "Magnificent", "Elevation", "City of Blinding Lights" and much more!

Edit - Sorry for the poor quality photos! The concert tickets say no cameras allowed so I didn't take my SLR. Of course how do they regulate this with phones now a days. Everyone and their dog had cameras or video cameras! Next time for sure!


J. said...

I am jealous to say the least. i have also loved them forever, I think they jot my radar when I was about 9 thanks to my older siblings. I agree with you on the pop album and I saw them in 96 or so in Winnipeg, far to long ago that is for sure.

Carolyn said...

I also share you love for U2. I have never seen them and am so jealous that you have seen them 3 times!!! Glad that you enjoyed it and that Ade got along so well while you were gone.


Brendan and Mary said...

Listening to them right now!

Connie said...

Pretty cool! When you really love a group, 3 times is not excessive!

Our sponsor child met Bono when he was on tour with the African Children's Choir! I have a picture of him with Bono! He wrote to us at the time and told us that Bono was now his favorite singer!

Karen said...

Cool Rana. Love U2. Saw them in 1985 (I know, eh?) and have been trying to see them again ever since!

They're in TO in July and I'm debating whether to spend the gazillion dollars for decent tickets ....


BCMommy said...

Awesome! We saw them in Vancouver last year and it was an amazing show! We were lucky 'cause Black Eyed Peas opened for them, which was like a 2 in 1 show!

Anonymous said...

FUN! I alos love U2. Looks like you had a great time.