Saturday, June 18, 2011

"Circle the Wagons" Auction

This is the McKnight family.

This is Billie.

The McKnights are waiting to bring Billie home from Lesotho.

Billie's health has taken a turn for the worse and she has had to be admitted to private medical care.

Because of extended wait times now happening in this country (as those of in the Ethiopian adoption community are all too familiar with) as well as this unforseen medical expense, they are paying extra costs to care for her. Costs which they had not anticipated in their budget.

My friend Tova is hosting a silent, online auction to raise funds to help the McKnights pay for this extra care.

There will be lots of good stuff to bid on - art work, purses, scarves, sports gear and even an ipod touch!

So click here!

Auction starts TODAY! RIGHT NOW!

And will end Thursday, June 23rd at 8:00p.m.

Be sure to check back to make sure you haven't been outbid on your favourite item.

Tell your friends, family, co-workers and even random strangers on the street. O.k. maybe not randon strangers.

But tell people!

Haven't talked to someone in awhile!

Give them a call on the phone (I know weird right!) and tell them.

Link to your blog and write a post about it.

Facebook your friends about it.

Get Tweety with it!

Circle the Wagons Online Auction.

You know you wanna!


Tova said...

Thank you! And David is in full on bidding war with you!

boltupright said...

I noticed the bidding war and decided sadly I would have to keep out of that one. Heh. If you lose you may NOT have the green purse as a consolation prize!!!! It's mine!

Julie said...

Dang it. I REALLY wanted to get in on this and I completely missed it. Will there be another?