Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Be Happy

Be Happy! A little book for a happy you. By Monica Sheehan

For years I have purchased self help/improvement books.

And these books. They were o.k. Some of the information was helpful.

But finally I found THE book.

And it happens to be a kids book geared towards ages 3-5.

It is simple. It is too the point. It is good for everyone no matter the age.

I bought it for myself and it is always handy so I can read it.

"Sing and dance a little!"

"Draw and paint a little."

"Make Friends."

"Share what you have!"

"Don't compare yourself with others." (don't let others compare you either)

"Be the best you"

"Be helpful."

"Be the curious."

"Be Brave."

"Be Kind."

"Be thankful for all the people and things you love."

"Dream Big"

"Don't ever lose hope."

"You never know what tomorrow will bring."

"So have fun!"

I also found this video dedicated to some of Monica's other drawings and inspirations.