Thursday, June 16, 2011

Gandahara Contest Over at Sun Dance, Moon Dance

My good friend over at Sun Dance, Moon Dance is having a contest.

She is giving away a beautiful bracelet and eye glass case made by artisans from around the world and sold by a Canadian company called Gandahara Designs.

"You could win your very own Kenyan Ceramic Bracelet - The Firefly and a Hand Embroidered Eyeglass Case, a prize package valued at over $70!"

Gandahara Designs " Specializes in wearable works of art for the selective and socially conscious shopper, the company is an innovative model of social entrepreneurship which supports artisans in the developing world, mostly women, to earn their way out of poverty and become active agents of social change."

The jewellery is absolutely breathtaking!!! There are some other beautiful items too like the Christmas decorations!

So head on over to Sun Dance, Moon Dance and check it out!


Wendy said...

What a great Social Enterprise, I also have purchased a beautiful jewellery roll made by the women refugees in Afghanistan!!!! I put it into a shadow box and it is my most favourite piece of art!!!

Sky McLaughlin said...

Thank you very much for this lovely post about my company, Gandhara Designs! It's wonderful to hear some feedback on the products, and know that the women's beautiful work is appreciated! All the best, Sky McLaughlin