Wednesday, April 27, 2011

The More Organized I Try To Get....

...the more disorganized I feel.

How is this possible?

I feel like I am running in 100 different directions.

Trying to keep up to a 2 year old while doing laundry, cooking meals, getting in some "me" time, getting in some "husband" time, family get togethers, play dates, Citizenship paperwork.....

Not to mention the pile!

I have a pile on my kitchen table!

A pile!

I detest piles!

I am always bugging Yvan...quit piling stuff...and now!

The pile is mine!

I don't know what is in the pile!

I tried to reduce the size of the pile this weekend but only managed to make it bigger!

I'm feeling like this a lot lately !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! You may have already noticed because all of my sentences end with these!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I need a holiday from the pile!


Liz said...

I'm very sorry for your pile, but it actually makes me feel better - I'm a piler. I had piles before I had a kid. My piles now are much bigger, more numerous, and have reached the point where they bother even me...but somehow I think all of my piles probably bother me slightly less than your one (probably minisccule) pile bothers you. ;)

RJ said...

Ha Ha Ha! Welcome to parenthood my dear will be successful in balancing all of'll just take time...have fun! Lunch soon @ Cheesetoast any day at 11:45-12:45...keep me posted...I'll inbox you my numbers

Sharla said...

Is it mean that I feel jealous that you only have one pile?! I have dozens and feel like they could swallow me up any day now...I am hoping to tackle a pile or two this afternoon while the kids are at swimming lessons, but it's true that when I try to sort through them, sometimes they seem to multiply!

Dancin' Momma said...

I always have a pile. Actually we designated a section of our kitchen for "piling". When I feel adventureous I tackle it, but I find with kids especially there is always stuff. Scholastic orders, field trip forms, camp registration packages, school registration packages, shopping lists, banking stuff, etc. etc. all stuff that I need to keep handy because I know if I put it away it will get forgotten.... such is the life of a mother ;)

The Gaboury's said...

Oh, Rana; piles. I have a drawer in my kitchen desinated for this(I hate piles too, so I feel your frustration)but I also have piles sitting on my counter, because my drawer is way too full!!!

Anonymous said...

Ok. Since you didn't ask for advice, I'm going to give it. :)

If it's sitting in a pile, then it's either totally important, but I'm procrastinating (like Cit apps) or totally redundant and useless and should just get chucked.

I am now RUTHLESS AND HEARTLESS about stuff around here. I don't keep stuff that I think I might even use, or think I might want to look at. It goes out. OUT I SAY!

You will learn how to juggle and balance this new stage of life, take some of the SHOULD'S out, and get rid of some stuff, and you will feel loads better.

Also, have some grace. I still haven't done CIT apps. I mean they are done, just not mailed. How lame is that? After 2 and 4 years respectively? LAME.

CinnamonOpus said...

You have the piles?

(I had to laugh. I first read your sentence as "Not to mention the piles!" And "the piles" is slang for hemorrhoids... soooooo...)

Historica said...

Sometimes I take the pile and I put in a box away from my eyes.... You can be surprise how much we keep stuff we do not really need. Don't feel bad, you are adjusting to your new life and piles will be away one day.

Anonymous said...

eh, there's nothing wrong with a good piling system. ;)

My technique has been to pick just one thing a month to try to get under control. It works... sort of.

J. said...

we have piles to, here there and everywhere. I gave up on them awhile ago.

Karen said...

Every few weeks, I clean up the pile of papers in the kitchen. And by "clean up", I mean I move it to a drawer (or two) upstairs.

I hate clutter, so, unfortunately, I live in a chronic (albeit low level) state of anxiety about piles.

Carolyn said...

I so get it! I felt that my house looks like a tornado hit when we first got home. It is getting a bit better as time goes by. As for the pile- throw a match!


Lisa Landrie said...

Oh I hear you! I get piles sometimes. Just take that pile down one thing at a time. ;-) That seems to be my motto lately. "One thing at a time"... lol ;-)