Friday, April 15, 2011

Confession Friday

I confess I almost didn't write this post today. I am feeling a lack of blog-lustre lately. Not sure what to do about it...have to ponder it for a while.

I confess it snowed here last night! SNOWED! Mid-April and it SNOWED! Um strike that!!! It is snowing while I type this! (Insert banging of head on kitchen table)

I confess I am feeling under-stimulated. I need to do something to evolve myself. Thinking about going back to school part-time and taking Pyschology classes and working towards my Psych degree focusing on PADS and PPD. The idea of going back to school at almost 40 is daunting though.

I confess I have been working on "Thank You Cards" for a long time. I used to be able to get stuff like that done quickly but that all changes with a wee one tugging at your pantleg asking you to "Elmo" (which means play).

I confess watching a 2 year old teethe is painful! Life is not easy whether you are 2, 22, or 72! Honestly, you can feel the pain as he grabs his head and cries and looks at you with a look that says "Uh, hello? A little help here would be nice because my gums are being RIPPED APART!!!"

I confess I go thru a couple of days a month where I think no one likes me and that I have no friends...then I get my monthly cycle and remember why I spent the last 2 days crying, feeling sorry for myself and eating everything in sight.

I confess we bought Apple TV and it is amazing! We can stream music and movies from our computer to our TV and they have some fantastic internet radio stations. Right now I am listening to some classic '80's tunes and they just played "The Cure" and "Depeche Mode" back to back. Sigh! Brings back my teenage days!

I confess we are having family photos done tomorrow!

I confess because we have Apple TV and then signed up for Netflix, I am now hooked on watching "Deadliest Catch". Seriously, crab fishing is so dangerous! Who knew!

I confess I am looking forward to the May long weekend because we will get to see my Momma and I miss her a lot! I wish she lived closer so we could spend time together more often.


Dancin' Momma said...

This is going to sound soooo lame, but Deadliest Catch totally brings back memories of Ethiopia for me! LOL We spent hours, and hours watching that show while hiding out in our room with our new little wee one. There must have been a marathon on or something that weekend. LOL

You always have friends, don't ever forget that my friend!

Tova said...

I hear you on the snow response. Utterly ridiculous! And I totally get the feeling friendless thing.

Teething 2 year olds is awful. Mine could hang out with yours and they could be in good company. We could set them up with sipping scotch! :)

Jess said...

Ya the snow kind of sucks... I just said to Darrell "at least it won't last" :)
Love you my friend...

Kendra said...

Oh I hope you all keep that snow, we here in Ontario don't wish to share in your misery! I hope the little guy cuts those teeth quickly.

CinnamonOpus said...

Snow. Sucks. And blows.

Also, get thee to a store for some Anbesol for the little man. Grape flavoured. And some camillia (in the health food section).

And also, because we share musical tastes, go NOW and listen to THIS: It is an EARGASM.

Ranavan said...

DUDE!!! I know!!!! A Platinum Blonde cover by Robert Smith!!!!!


The Gaboury's said...

((big hugs, Rana)) I hear you on the snow. WTF. Snow in mid-April. We also got snow last night and it brings your mood down, WAY DOWN. A teething child, what ever the age is painful to watch. As for the schooling, it doesn`t matter how old you are, my Auntie just finished school(home care) and she is 50.

Connie said...

Have you tried Hylands Teething tablets? Available at health food stores. I found out about them way too late, but did use them for a short time torwards the end. They worked wonders as long as I used them several times a day every day. I wish I had known about them sooner.

CinnamonOpus said...


I love that you "get" how much awesome is in that song.

hazel said...

We got the snow too. WTF already??

Anonymous said...

it is snowing here right now... BOOOO.

and... crab fishing? Really??

Claudia said...

I found it really hard to blog for a while after we got back - I think it's hard to analyse such an intense time in your life when you're actually going through it! I love reading your updates, but some days if you need a little quality sofa time instead of blogging.... we won't hold it against you :)

Karen said...

Rana - on the school issue, age doesn't matter. Take something you're interested in - you'll LOVE it; you won't regret it.


Carolyn said...

Back to school!!!! Wow- sounds awesome! I know you will do great at anything you put your mind to!


sandi said...

I recommend advil... often... i'm just saying, its what I do!

Melissa said...

Sometimes I have to remind myself that I am not obligated to write on my blog and that it is supposed to be a helpful sort of thing. Usually, once I do this and take a bit of a break, I find myself wanting to write about this or that a few days later. I hope that you find a way to make it work for you too.

I have the same hormonal issues . . . not only do I think everyone hates me, but I usually hate everyone as well and start wondering why everyone is so stupid. *sigh* I will miss estrogen when it is gone for good.