Friday, April 8, 2011

Confession Friday

I confess we bought wee one a "My own leaptop" and he loves it. He is sitting at the table next to me with lap top singing, dancing and learning his alphabet while I write this post.

I confess we went swimming this week with Grandma and it was so much fun! Wee one loved it!!! A lot!

I confess it is the weekend and it looks to be very nice weather here so we are hoping to get out of doors lots.

I confess we have friends coming home from Ethiopia this weekend with their little baby girl and we are going to greet them at the airport! How different it will feel this time because we have our young son finally home with us!

I confess we booked a great seat sale out to the west coast for summer holidays thanks to a friend of mine. We were thinking of driving but 2 days of car travel with a 2 year old versus cheaper flights and 2 hour air travel seemed a much better idea.

I confess wee one and I are still in our p.j.'s this morning and it feels good :)

I confess it is ice cream time and the local drive up and park Dairy Queen is open for the season and I can't wait to go for a sundae with hot fudge and raspberry toppings.

I confess I haven't got much else to confess right now! Happy weekend to all!


BCMommy said...

When are you coming? When are you coming??!!!!!!!


Anonymous said...

Definetly a sign of spring when DQ on 8th is open!!!!

Sounds great for your holiday :)

CinnamonOpus said...

In your jammies at 8 am? Dude, we have entire jammies DAYS at our house. We love Jammie Days. We even have breakfast for supper on those says.

We need a seat sale to the east coast! I can't believe we're planning summer vacations already. YAY!

Now you have me craving a pecan mudslide from DQ. Thanks for that.

Carolyn said...

We went swimming as well- SOOO fun! The DQ- love it! We have already taken Leul!