Wednesday, November 24, 2010

If A Tree Falls in the Forest....

...does anyone hear it?

Maybe more so than what we are hearing.

Still nothing.

No clue what the test is/was.

Medical appointment was yesterday but still nothing.

So we don't know it if is a little something or a big something!

On the MP side of things, they seem to be more "understanding" should we say.

We have a meeting with we'll shall see soon enough what unfolds.

Honestly, I do not have one shred of sanity left...

Not one!

I hope no one of importance reading this blog judges me based on that little nugget of information I have shared.

I feel I have earned the right to say my sanity is gone.....yours would be too.

This is all so redonkulous!

That's right, I said it -REDONKULOUS!


D Dae said...

I would have lost it ages ago! We are here for you. Let us know if we can do anything. {{hugs}}

BCMommy said...

Super duper RIDONKULOUS!!!!

I don't blame you for your sanilty flying out the window. Honestly, I am amazed at your strength. i think I would have been on a plane raisin' hell and embarrassing myself in Ethiopia at this point, possibly causing more harm than good to my file. I admire your restraint!!! I am always thinking of you and wishing you get the best news ever...

Brendan and Mary said...

I would have lost it ages ago as well! Did you talk to R today? I am so tired of watching you guys wait and get hit by every freaking road block possible. I cannot imagine how you're feeling. We are so sorry this has been such a redonkulous gong show.

Anonymous said...

You. Used. The. Word. REDONKULOUS!!



G. man will be so pleased.

Here for you. Anything we can do. You know it.


CinnamonOpus said...

I'm in a cage-rattlin' mood these days. Best let those Nairobi types and your local government officials that they do NOT want me all up in their faces. OH NO THEY DO NOT. I am sleep deprived. I am badly dressed. And I am looking like baked death on a cracker. So all you have to do is point me in the right direction and I am ALL OVER ripping someone a new one.

Other than that, if I lived closer I'd offer you tea and homemade baked goods. As it stands, I am not, so love and virtual hugs will have to do.

Liz said...

Hope your sanity returns soon, and that this all gets resolved quickly!

Anonymous said...

You say anyword you want to say! I echo Mary, redonkulous gong show x 1 million.

Sigh for you. Sigh for Yvan. Big sigh for Ade.

Here for you in whatever capacity you need me.

Melissa said...

I hope. I hope. I hope.

Stephanie said...

Absolutely redonkulous! I'm losing some of my sanity just thinking about your situation.....glad to hear your MP is smartening up a bit. Praying hard that everything is resolved and that visa is ISSUED!!!!!!!

Steph :-) xo

Anonymous said...

just checking in for good news. sad about all of this, i admire your strength. keep on keeping on


Ricki said...

No doubt your sanity has disappeared! This is a nightmare that I can't even begin to imagine what it would feel like to be in the middle of. My heart breaks for all three of you :(
I say pack your bags, go be with your son, and let your sanity come back. You are way overdue to have your little man in your arms.

Sharla said...

If you had a shred of sanity left after all of this, that would pretty much spell to me that you hadn't been all that sane in the first place. This is absolutely redonkulous! (did I spell that right?!)

Glad that your MP is at least willing to sit down with you. I hope he helps. Our MP's office was so helpful in our adoption. Can other MPs get involved?

Let us know what happens at the meeting. I also hope you hear about at least WHAT the test was soon.

P.S. My word verification is "renut", as in perhaps nut again, like you went nutty when things were all bonkers with the paperwork the first time and now you have to get all "renutty" with this medical stuff!

Karen said...

Thinking of you and your family ALL THE TIME Rana.