Friday, July 31, 2009

Congrats Krista, Adam and Jadyn

My good friend Krista and her family, Adam and Jadyn, got a referral for a little girl on Wednesday...the day after we got our referral for Ade!

I had emailed her late, late, late Tuesday night with the news and then she phoned me Wednesday afternoon to tell me they got a referral too!!! When she phoned us, we were with our social worker going over Ade's file and signing our acceptance of his referral.

Pretty much didn't hear anything after that! :)

We are with the same agency so the chance we might get to travel together to bring our wee babies home is pretty good!

How exciting is that!!

Go give her your well wishes!!!

Here is How it all Went Down

Referral Day

Tuesday, July 28, 2009!

First I need to say that this week has been a whirlwind...I think we are still in shock but it is wearing off and we have a baby boy!!!!!!!! Can you believe it!!!!!

Yvan and I work together at a business he started 10 years ago and this week has been our busiest week ever I think work wise which is why it has taken me so long to post this..between work and staring at wee baby boy's get what I am saying.

Tuesday right after work we were supposed to see our physiotherapist for a strength training session together but I was so exhausted that I decided to re-schedule but Yvan went anyways. While we were at the office I said to our receptionist (who is new) that if we got a phone call from our social worker this week to be sure to transfer her to my cell immediately. I told her this because I knew referrals where in and was hoping beyond hope we were in the batch. Oh and I wanted to be the one who got "The Call" :)

So, Yvan went to training and I went to the post office to pick up a parcel that turned out to be from this lovely lady. What timing!!!!!!!!!!!!!

When I got home I was so nervy and jumpy because I was anticipating the phone ringing for us this I said to myself "Self, don't get your hopes up that they called today but just check the call display before you listen to messages."

So, I hit the scroll button and low and behold the call display said "Govt of Sask" which I have been told it says when you get "The Call". I just about peed my pants.....I pressed the message button and heard "you have two new messages" but the first message was someone else and I pressed skip (sorry to whoever it was if I haven't called you back yet) and the second message was from our social worker and I heard:
"Hi Rana and Yvan, I have good news for you"...well I screeched really loud (our tenants in the basement were probably WTF?) and then proceeded running around the house looking for the phone.

Once I found it I immediately phoned Yvan but didn't get and answer ARGH! so then I tried calling our social worker and she was still in the was 5:30 and she was still working....she said "Congratulations you have a 6 month old baby boy!!!!"
All I heard after that was something very much like the teacher on Charlie Brown - "Maw, maw, maw....and then she said "I will email you his file!!!!!!!!!!!"

I knew I couldn't open this up without Yvan and I wanted to open it up really badly but I also wanted to surprise him so I here is what I did....yes, I really did this! I was actually quite calm the whole time I was talking to her....who would have thought...anyways I:
Drove to the dollar store..well actually I was going to go to Staples first and then I thought "no the dollar store is better, it will have everything I need".

I whipped thru that store grabbing bristle board, glue, anything that said "It's a boy" on it and had them do up some helium balloons....then I drove like a mad woman and home to get ready for when Yvan got home.

I made a giant sign ( the one we are holding in our referral announcement photo) and put the the balloons in front of the garage door...then I sat on our back deck stairs with my giant sign waiting for him to come home.

Oh ya, first I called the physio's office and told Tenille (receptionist) to tell Yvan to come home immediately because it was an emergency....Yvan called me 30 seconds later concerned and I said "You have to come home right now, don't stop at work, I will tell you everything when you get here!"

Yvan will tell you I said this very calmly and in a very neutral sounding voice...he said he thought:

1. Someone died 2. I was leaving him (?) 3. We got out referral

But he thought 1 and 2 were better chances of happening then our referral! Ha!

Here is the sign I made for him:

Balloons in front of the garage door

Yvan arriving home....

When he looked up at me on the deck and saw me holding the sign he started crying....which in turn got me bawling!!! We just stood crying and hugging!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

About to see our wee son's face for the first time!

We went and told Yvan's parents and sister - we had to give Yvan's dad and story about how we had to show him something at his condo they were renting because Yvan's mom and sister were there cleaning it so they could rent it....we got them all out on the balcony and I pulled the big sign out from the vehicle and they all started crying and screaming....Yvan's sister was hilarious....if you live in a 10 block radius of the condo you heard her screaming and Yvan's mom was crying and his dad was hugging us!!!! :)

Their new tenant happened to be at the condo getting some stuff organized for her move and she just happens to be an old friend from a way she got to be part of our referral day too!

Thanks A! You are hilarious!

Then we went home and went to next door to Yvan's brother's house (yes, he lives next door to us) and called him from the back yard and told him to come outside.

He shed some happy tears too!!!!!

Then we went inside our house and called my mom...she lives 2 provinces away.

I tried her at home, on her cell, at my Auntie's house...turns out they went camping and so I called her on my Auntie's cell phone and asked for momma!!!

We yelled "Hi Grandma!" and she said "What" and we said "It's a boy" and she said "Really!!!!" and proceeded to cry....and we in turned cried too!!!!!!!!!!!!

I called my adoption peeps right away - Ricki, Rhonda, Shannon, Cheryl, Sandi and Julie (Uh, Julie made me do a full on ugly cry because she was so emotional!!!)

And emailed my ladies-in-waiting - Hazel, Carolyn and Ramona. Our kids are all in the CAFAC foster home together right now!

Without all of these ladies I wouldn't have made it thru this wait....Yvan says thank you too ;)

Cheryl came over as soon as she could to congratulate us and take a peek at our wee baby boy!

This was the best day ever (aside from our wedding day!)

This is the day we became parents to a wee baby boy!!!!

Monday, July 27, 2009

Relaxing Weekend

So, the weekend was pretty good...very mellow and relaxing!

We just hung around the house a lot.

Walked down to the Farmers' Market, took a ride on our bikes, Yvan ran 10k for fun (I know, weird) I did some yoga in the park with some other like-minded beings :).

We actually got quite a bit of exercise so to compensate for that I went ahead and ate some food that was really good for me.


A cheeseburger

Haystacks - you know those chocolate no-bake cookies with coconut - oh GAWD where they good.

Then I ate some Ketchup chips - Yummmmmmmmm!

I also had some chocolate chip/banana cookies - have you ever had these - I hadn't - little piece of heaven in a cookie I tell ya!

Last night I had a big heaping plate of french fries with Ketchup (oh and a chicken burger too)

So, ya! I'm eating my stress away!

Today - to top it all off I had a....wait for it......A COKE!!!

As in Coca-cola!

I haven't had a Coke in years....I have diet pops now and then but a full fledged Coke I haven't had in ages....and ya know what!

It tasted it really good!

Take that STRESS! TAKE IT! Right in your big ol' cake hole! (Mmm...did somebody say cake?)

The coke will eat you away and probably my insides too.

MEH! Whatev!

(I maintain there were no calories whatsoever in the food stuffs I consumed and you can't convince me otherwise!)

Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Monday, July 20, 2009

Whew, Busy Bee of a Blog

So last week we had a busy little bee of a blog!

I can almost say for certain it was people "googling" the news from last week that brought so many hits to our peaked at around 388 visits on Tuesday...which is the most we have ever had.

Most of the 'visitors' didn't stay very long and those who did stay around for a time obviously where here to read our story which is why we started this blog in the first place. So, read away!

I have to say that we have been very lucky to date as we haven't (knock, knock) had any comments that were negative or out of line which is good.

We also haven't had any weird, middle-of-the-night phone calls or people just randomly showing up at our house because they saw our blog...this is also good. (Don't go getting any ideas Hal Gorger!)

I struggled a lot last week with whether or not I would keep on with this seemed to me that we were in a real catch 22.

When we first started this blog we wanted to be able to post information for our friends and family so they could share in our journey to our family with us.

Along the way it came to be a collection of thoughts and feelings for us to give to our child as a keepsake of where our heads and hearts were at as made our way to them.

It also became a much needed link to other parents who are on the same journey as us...we have made some unbelievable friends thru our blogging adventures. Some we have gotten to know very well, some we have flown to meet in person, others we haven't met yet but will one day!

We have friends from both agencies...and my catch 22 was how do we continue on with our blog knowing our stories and hopefully our eventual referral will hurt others who have gone thru so much pain and sadness in the last week or so.

I told Yvan I wasn't sure I would be able to post our referral news because I don't want to hurt anyone.

And so I thought maybe we would wind down this blog....but then I thought of why we started this in the first place...and have decided to keep going!

I hope people will still follow and will celebrate along with us when/if we get "The Call".

And to those of you who can't follow anymore because it is just to hard...I completely understand. I would feel the same if I was in your place....know that we think of each and every one of you daily!

Wednesday, July 15, 2009

You could...

Sign this Petition

Or you could donate here (the link is on the top left and they use PayPal -Fantastic!)

The petition will help the parents bring their children home.

The money will help the caregivers and the children in Ethiopia.

Come on - you know you want to!

P.S. I did both...just in case you were wondering.

Monday, July 13, 2009

What Do You Say When Words Will Never be Enough

What do you say to families whose dreams have been shattered...whose future lies in uncertainty.

We are told to expect the unexpected when we enter into an adoption from another country.

There are a number of things (too many to list) we are told are possibilities that could occur during the wait to be matched to our future children.

We are not told that a dream could be lost because an agency went bankrupt such as Imagine Adoption announced today.

Hundreds of families have been impacted by this...

To all my friends near and far who I have made thru this journey and who are with Imagine...Yvan and I are thinking of you tonight.

Your grief is one should ever have to go thru what you are experiencing.

I wish I had the words that would be enough....

Much love,

Rana and Yvan

Friday, July 10, 2009

Do You Know What Monday Is?

I do!

20 months of waiting for a referral (or propsal if you prefer that).

20 months.......

I am getting very tired of keeping my hope up.

It's as though we are in a bad dream and can't get out of it.

Are we on an episode of "When Good Times Go Bad"?

It feels like it.

I have been fairly upbeat this week considering but knowing Monday is coming has put a bit of a damper on my spirits.

Honestly, neither of us ever imagined we would still be waiting at this point.

We are off to Edmonton next week on a little vacation we planned back in early spring and I had visualized all the shopping at IKEA we would do for our new wee one.......

My "We can do this!", my "joie d'vivre" if you will, is waning.

Thursday, July 9, 2009

Last Night....

....we went and saw this guy.

He is Xavier Rudd and he put on one of the best musical shows I have ever seen in my life!

I know I am not managing your expectations very well...but honestly...find out if he is playing in your area....get tickets (the $30 bucks is well worth it!) put on your dancin' shoes...make your way to the venue.........get ready to groove all night long!

He plays the steel guitar, the drums, the harmonica, the little tinkly things, but most importanly the didgeridoo!!!

The Didgeridoo!!!!!!!

He had the crowd on their feet from the moment he walked out on stage.

Well, what are you waiting for!

Go get tickets!

Go now...don't wait!


(You'll thank me for it later - you really will)

Monday, July 6, 2009

Summer Fun

Summer is has been nice during the day but nights have been chilly...but at least it is warm and you can have fun.

I started my summer fun by having lunch with this little dude and his mom Ricki.

He is a great lunch date!

Then is was off to get a pedicure...compliments of Ricki and Rhonda :)
(and my feet are dirty 'cause I was in the garden...that's a good pedicure if it can withstand the garden)

Every year our city comes alive with the sound of music....Jazz music that is!!!

We always try to go the Bess gardens to take in some outdoor performances.

In the past we have seen - D.J. Champion, Little Richard, Los Lobos and more.

This year we went to the gardens for two shows - K-OS with openers The Dirty Dozen Brass Band (who are from New Orleans and smoking hot!)

This past weekend we went and saw Moses Mayes (incredible) and Kool and the Gang...that's right - I said it KOOL AND THE GANG!!!

Can I just tell you how much fun they were!


From "Joanna" to "Cherish" to "Jungle Boogie" to "Celebrate" they had the crowd groovin' all night!

They were fantastic!

Here's some photo ops of the good times we had.

C and L relaxing!
D chillin'

It was freakin' cold at the K-OS show so I mean sweet talked the door guy...with a coffee for him if he lets us bring some hot drinks in..he totally fell for it!

Dirty Dozen Brass Band

D and L snackin' on some treats we smuggled in.

I wore my Toms - C really liked them and gave them the "Jazz Hands"!
(And in case you didn't know you can get Toms shoes in Toon Town now at a great little store on Broadway called - The Better Good)

Me and M!
(look at the lady behind you having any fun! No! Oh o.k. then)

Last night we went over to E and S's house for some blender drinks - YUM!

L and Yvan doin' a sociable!

M really like hers...a little toooo much I think ;)

P doesn't DO blended drinks but we still made him use a fancy umbrella!


Uh, hello! It was Sunday night...I had mine sans alcohol thank you very much!

More summer fun to come!

Thursday, July 2, 2009


Is it really July?


It can't calendar must be wrong...but no...yesterday was Canada Day which is always July 1st and has been for a long time now!

Oh is July!

6 months of 2009 have already passed....ugh! 6 months until we hit 2010...Double ugh!

Where did the time go?

It seems...looking back...that it went by very quickly.

But as I sit here typing this post...I know that each day of the last 6 months felt like an eternity.

I see the summer (or what is left of it) ahead of me and I think to myself "How am I going to get thru each and every never ending day?"

In a little less than 5 months I will turn 38.

38!!!!! *sigh*

38 seems to be coming so fast...I don't want it to come yet...I am not ready...I wanted to be a mother before I turned 38.

Yet, this day seems to be looming in front of me...I look at the clock and I swear to you it seems as if the minute hand isn't moving. Like time is standing still!

I used to have dreams of trying to run really fast to get away from something but it was near impossible to get moving.

Now I have dreams I am trying to run to something but the road ahead keeps stretching out in front of me and every step I take feels like I have lead weights on my feet.

Did I mention that I will be 38 this year? Oh yeah..I did....38............

How can life feel like it is whizzing by yet taking so long at the same time?

Have you ever felt like that?

I keep myself busy.

My schedule is full but each day, week, month drags with anticipation, wanting, need, and sometimes even desperation.

I laugh. I cry. I get angry. I feel sad. I am happy. I can go thru a range of emotions in about 5 minutes flat.

Yvan will tell you that 5 minutes feels like forever!

Time is passing so quickly.

And yet time is passing so slowly.