Monday, July 27, 2009

Relaxing Weekend

So, the weekend was pretty good...very mellow and relaxing!

We just hung around the house a lot.

Walked down to the Farmers' Market, took a ride on our bikes, Yvan ran 10k for fun (I know, weird) I did some yoga in the park with some other like-minded beings :).

We actually got quite a bit of exercise so to compensate for that I went ahead and ate some food that was really good for me.


A cheeseburger

Haystacks - you know those chocolate no-bake cookies with coconut - oh GAWD where they good.

Then I ate some Ketchup chips - Yummmmmmmmm!

I also had some chocolate chip/banana cookies - have you ever had these - I hadn't - little piece of heaven in a cookie I tell ya!

Last night I had a big heaping plate of french fries with Ketchup (oh and a chicken burger too)

So, ya! I'm eating my stress away!

Today - to top it all off I had a....wait for it......A COKE!!!

As in Coca-cola!

I haven't had a Coke in years....I have diet pops now and then but a full fledged Coke I haven't had in ages....and ya know what!

It tasted it really good!

Take that STRESS! TAKE IT! Right in your big ol' cake hole! (Mmm...did somebody say cake?)

The coke will eat you away and probably my insides too.

MEH! Whatev!

(I maintain there were no calories whatsoever in the food stuffs I consumed and you can't convince me otherwise!)


Eileen said...

I hear that donut holes have no calories too - because they are holes! And ice cream and slushies take more calories to warm up than they contain. It's all true. ;)

Glad to hear you are hangin' in there. thinking of you.

sending ((hugs))


Corrie said...

your referral must be on the way!!!!

You are eating for two!!!!

Rhonda, Kristin, Eden said...

Calories, schmalories! Bah, it's summer, that's what you do in the summer and when your at 20+ months!! So take that Coca-Cola..

Anonymous said...

Whatever, everything you ate had a fruit or vegetable in it. I bet there was even lettuce and tomato on the burger. So it was all practically health food.

Claudia said...

Oooooh, proper fat coke is one of life#s great pleasures. Sip with abandon.

BCMommy said...

Meh is so right....
I say 'MEH' to the huge chicken gyro I just muzzled down....
Did I hear that you have cake? I am on the next plane....there's no frickin' cake in this country...

CinnamonOpus said...

Calories? What calories? Never heard of 'em.

You eat what you want, sister friend. You'll burn that off in no time once it's happy dance time!

Carolyn said...

YUMMM Ketchup chips are my favorite and there is a bag staring at me right now!! I agree with everyone else at this stage of the game- eat up! Whatever you need to do to stay sane


haze said...

Empty calories = no calories

lyndsey&kevin said...

Enjoy every bite.
I have also been eating like I'm preggers... well we ARE right. MEH I figure soon we won't have time to eat, we'll be chasing our little ones...... hopefully!!

Danielle said...