Monday, July 20, 2009

Whew, Busy Bee of a Blog

So last week we had a busy little bee of a blog!

I can almost say for certain it was people "googling" the news from last week that brought so many hits to our peaked at around 388 visits on Tuesday...which is the most we have ever had.

Most of the 'visitors' didn't stay very long and those who did stay around for a time obviously where here to read our story which is why we started this blog in the first place. So, read away!

I have to say that we have been very lucky to date as we haven't (knock, knock) had any comments that were negative or out of line which is good.

We also haven't had any weird, middle-of-the-night phone calls or people just randomly showing up at our house because they saw our blog...this is also good. (Don't go getting any ideas Hal Gorger!)

I struggled a lot last week with whether or not I would keep on with this seemed to me that we were in a real catch 22.

When we first started this blog we wanted to be able to post information for our friends and family so they could share in our journey to our family with us.

Along the way it came to be a collection of thoughts and feelings for us to give to our child as a keepsake of where our heads and hearts were at as made our way to them.

It also became a much needed link to other parents who are on the same journey as us...we have made some unbelievable friends thru our blogging adventures. Some we have gotten to know very well, some we have flown to meet in person, others we haven't met yet but will one day!

We have friends from both agencies...and my catch 22 was how do we continue on with our blog knowing our stories and hopefully our eventual referral will hurt others who have gone thru so much pain and sadness in the last week or so.

I told Yvan I wasn't sure I would be able to post our referral news because I don't want to hurt anyone.

And so I thought maybe we would wind down this blog....but then I thought of why we started this in the first place...and have decided to keep going!

I hope people will still follow and will celebrate along with us when/if we get "The Call".

And to those of you who can't follow anymore because it is just to hard...I completely understand. I would feel the same if I was in your place....know that we think of each and every one of you daily!


tobink said...

Hey Rana.

You have always been gracious in rejoicing with others even when you were in pain.

Please don't think that people impacted by Imagine's bankruptcy will be hurt by your good news (when it finally comes ... c'mon already). I can tell you that, even though our hopes for a second child are fading, I will be absolutely 100% joyful when you and Yvan tell us all about your referral. I'm sure everyone in the international adoption community who follows your blog, and who understands this journey, will feel the same way.

Karen T.

Lee said...

Seeing those referrals come in is one of those things that keeps the hope alive for those coming along behind you!
I'm glad you've decided to continue to blog - And I hope we are celebrating a long awaited referral SOON!


Housden Family said...

Hi Rana,
I know it is hard to know what to do, especially in light of so much heartache in the Ethiopian adoption world right now. but I think what everyone needs is some good news. And I can truly think of no better (or more deserving news) than news of your referral.
Please don't stop blogging, we need to celebrate eachothers joys, as well as support eachother through the challenges. I am certain that families with Imagine would only want to know that your children are on their way home to you soon!
Thinking of you, and hoping for wonderful news soon! I can't wait to read it on your blog!!

Brendan and Mary said...

I would be extremely disappointed if you stopped blogging. I was actually thinking of you last week and hoping that you feel comfortable proclaiming it on the roof tops when you get "the call"! Everyone will be very happy for you!

Anonymous said...

Glad you are still gonna be around. And that is WHEN you get your referral, not if!

CinnamonOpus said...

I understand where you are coming from. I think a lot of us are struggling with trying to be sensitive to what our friends are going through, caught up in that awful bankruptcy mess.

But when you think of it, we are always on the lookout for how our friends are doing, and not just with the Imagine situation -- we all look out for each other on Teh Interwebs, worrying about each other's stuggles. This adoption journey is tough for everyone and from a million different perspectives. And we all know how hard it is. So many people are invested in each other's journeys.

So I think that given that, we all share in each other's joys and man up to help share each other's pain, and we'd all be at a loss if we were unable to celebrate your wonderful day with you. We want to share what will be the first of many "best days ever" with you. So I am glad you are sticking around.

Sherri said...

Your blog is better than any tv show - I LOVE checking in, please continue on with the good, the bad AND the ugly! Your posts are thoughtful, your wit is LMAO funny and I can't belive we've never 'met' - THAT will have to change!

Rana and Yvan said...

Awwww..thanks Sherri! That was nice...and YES..we will have to meet! I'm thinking the CAFAC BBQ next summer :)

Thanks to you all for your positive comments...

Karen it means so much to me knowing that even though you are going thru a difficult time right now you will still be able to celebrate along with us.

D Dae said...

Sweetie you better keep posting and you better SCREAM it from the roof tops when that referral comes in. I know we will be screaming with excitement for you!

Thank you for understanding why we had to bail this weekend. I feel SO BAD, but who knew the hell that last week was going to be? Thank you for understanding, and please, please, please, keep us posted on all your miracles and journey progress.

lyndsey&kevin said...

yay.... keep blogging my internet sister from another mister!!! I CANNOT wait for you news!!! Common referral!!!!!!!!

Lots of positive energy for you and Yvan.


DEBBIE said...


One thing I've learned along the way is that we celebrate with others when it's good and we grieve with other's when it's not so good. Keep going the good times are yet to come.....

Kristin Hickman said...

Rana, I am so happy to hear you are going to keep on blogging, I would definitely be disappointed after following for so long to not see the happy ending for you. I cannot wait to hear the big news!!! It is inspiring to me to read your story and to see you keep your head up. And of course I appreciate that you read my blog too!


boltupright said...

I agree, don't stop now! We've been waiting all this time to celebrate with you!

er, cause it's all about your readers, right? ;)

Dianne said...

I would be supremely sorry if you took away one of my outlets for congratulating you and Yvan when you finally see your sweet baby's face. I'm glad you're staying!

We need to honour not only those facing hard times, but those with something to celebrate, and we are all SOOOOO ready (come on baby!) to celebrate with you!

Carolyn said...

Hey there- keep blogging- what would we do without you!!! The country is going to celebrate with you soon!


The Hattons... said...

You are very considerate Rana. Some similar thoughts went through my mind, being a CAFAC client. But I'm glad you are continuing it and I will and one of the many happy people to continue with the blog reading!

Rhonda, Kristin, Eden said...

It's a hard thing to do, to keep posting when others are heartbroken and dreams are crushed. But girl, this keeps others dreams alive of having their family.

And yours is darn near in the pocket!

FYI: I will party like a rockstar when that referral touches down!

Tracey said...

Thank goodness you are continuing. I really enjoy following your journey and I will share your joy when you DO get the call! Look at our situation, you couldn't ask for a longer proposal but I will be over-the-moon happy for you two when I check in on that day you share your news with us followers!

Chad, Laura and Sara said...

Does this suck (even bigger than the big one!!!)? – Yes. Is this tragic, devastating, and unforgivable? – Yes. Will life continue moving forward? – Of course.

Will your referral be amazing – Yes. Will I be disappointed that it is not me – maybe a little, but I can guarantee my joy for you will override all other feelings.

You’ve got to keep going – you inspirit, you support, you motivate, you speak the truth. I need you to keep going; I need your inspiration, your support, your motivation, your truth.

Plus, I have to keep tabs on you because you are one of our stops on our cross-country Ethiopian adoption road trip.

So, you better celebrate - and you better let us all celebrate with you - we have all been waiting WAY to long for you...

Our journey is not over yet and neither is yours - so, I will we celebrating right along with you, if you are celebrating along with me.

Love ya Rana,

andrea said...

When your news come I will celebrate with every joy and happiness regardless of our own situation. Hope of this happening is the only thing that keeps me going and knowing that it happens for others is part of that hope. Your blog has always been so incredibly courageous, funny, supportive, optimistic and real... its a powerful thing to know there are complete strangers out there thinking about us and taking steps that will help us in the end (I am sure of that!). I have gained more than I can say from having the privilege of following your blog (and adding my two cents in every now and then). If, for whatever reason, you some day decide to go private, I would love an invite.

Here's to some good news soon in the form of your referral! A :-)

Rana and Yvan said...

Laura and Andrea - thank you so much for kinds comments.

You are both in my thoughts and knowing you are still cheering us on is amazing!

I hope to one day meet both of you and Laura - make sure you let me know when you are doing that cross-country Ethiopian road trip - you guys have a place to stay at our house for sure!!!

Love ya both,


BCMommy said...

Please, please post your good news. I have been waiting so long...ok, nothing compared to you, but you know. I am living vicariously through you and nothing would lift my heart more than to see your happy news.
I can't wait to read that post, and I will cry, but they will be happy tears for you both!

Barbara said...

Thanks for delurking! It was nice to hear from you.

haze said...

Well said, Rana. I struggled with how to continue posting as well (although ending my blog was never an option). In the end, I realized adoption comes with the good, the bad and the ugly. You've shared lots of the bad waiting, ugly? maybe some ugly crying, and soon you'll get to share the BEST GOOD ever.

There were times as I waited for my referral that I couldn't read of someone else' good news. You may have readers who need to step away now or later. That is very understandable.

Yours is one of THE most anticipated referrals. North America and beyond is excitedly on pins and needles. You have every right to fully rejoice when That Call comes - just as everyone before you has. Shout it from the rooftops, blog it in bold letters, do it all to announce your child to the world.

Rana and Yvan said...

Claire, thank you! I can't wait to meet you and since you live close to my mom....we will meet one day.

Sending a big hug to you in Greece

Anonymous said...

Well said by others, your story has its own fair share of struggle, heartache and eventually... the happy ending. We will all be glad to hear it. You are nearing the end of your journey (please God) and our IA friends are in the thick of the struggle - none of us can control any of it. but we are in it together, right??? Hoping for good news soon, sk

Sarah said...

Hi there,

I'm Sarah and just wanted to say hi. I follow so many blogs I can hardly keep track. My husband and I are/were clients of Imagine so this week has been a struggle. I've been reading about CAFAC families as well as families from the States. It gives me hope that one day we will be there, too. Looking forward to hearing your referral news. :)


Robynhood said...

I am glad you decided to keep writing your blog, I like reading it!

I am looking forward to the day that I come by to read and I get to see your happy referral news.. (when, not if). It has been a hard time for many people, and yet many have said to me that while things may be tough for them, they do take pleasure in reading about the successes of others. Happy news should always be celebrated, even if it is not your own.

Robyn :)